RF Cables: All You Need to Know

RF Cables

Think of your TV for a second. How do you think the data gets to your TV set? The answer, RF Cables. So, by definition, RF cables are a type of coaxial cable used to send radio frequency signals. Radio Frequency signals could be anything from TV, internet, video, and voice communications signals. According to … Read more

Mini Coaxial Cables: An introduction

Mini Coaxial Cables

With the ever-growing technology advancement, more and more events in our daily lives call for small materials to work. This is where mini coaxial cables come into play.  For example, they are in use in the medical, aerospace, work in a house, analyst, defense industries, and more. Here is a basic guide on mini coaxial … Read more

Coaxial Cables: Everything You Need to Know

Coaxial Cables

Most people have interacted with coaxial cables at some point even though many may not realize it. Improving your understanding of coaxial cables will be helpful to you. This guide covers the things you need to know about coaxial cables so you can make informed decisions.  1. What Are Coaxial Cables? Coaxial cables are a … Read more

Choosing The Correct Types Of Coaxial Cable For Your Application

coaxial cable

There are many types of coaxial cable. So how do you choose the best type to use in your project? Electrical performance should be your first consideration. You then need to think about mechanical issues including strength and flexibility. In this article, we introduce different types of coaxial cables classified by their impedance, construction, and … Read more

SPDIF Coaxial Cable– How SPDIF Coaxial Cables Actually Work

SPDIF Coaxial Cables

When working with audio and digital hi-def systems, having a SPDIF coaxial cable is a must. These cables connect audio consumer equipment like home theatre systems and TVs, allowing them to output audio from one another. Whether you are, this information may come in handy. Learn how spdif coaxial cables work, the interchangeability factor to … Read more

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