FCC 600 MHz: What’s New for Wireless Microphone Systems

cordless radio wireless microphone and transmitter system

Most wireless microphone systems used to be in the TV band spectrum in the US. However, the demand for wireless broadband services was increasing. As a result, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) auctioned a spectrum of broadcast television stations. This spectrum lies in 600MHz frequencies. The broadcast television stations that operate on TV channels 38-51 …

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TVBDs: Everything you need to know

A TV screen

Are you working with a wireless microphone? Therefore, you need to know what TVBDs are and their importance. It can push cordless microphones from ultra-high frequency whitespaces. How? We will equip you with everything you need to know about TVBDs. What is a TV Band Device/White Space Device? A white space device or TV Band …

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Antenna Gain Measurement: What It Is and How to Measure One

Communication antennas close-up

Yagi Antenna Source: Wikimedia Commons  You can transmit significant signals with good antenna performance. Gain is one of the most common measurements stated on antenna specification sheets. It plays a crucial role in predicting the performance of an antenna. Then how can we make an antenna gain measurement? This article will discuss antenna gain comprehensively …

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Coaxial Cable Signal Loss: What Affects Signal Loss, How to Calculate and Minimize It

Bad signal on a TV and a man trying to fix it with the remote

Are you having problems with a weak antenna signal? Until recently, if your TV image was perfect, it’s time to check antenna connections. Perhaps you are dealing with signal losses somewhere in your coaxial cable lines. If that sounds good, here is what to know about coax setups and problems with the signal! This guide …

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EX6XL vs EX6XLPLUS: Which is the Most Suitable RG-6 Compression Connector for You?

EX6XL and EX6XLPLUS connectors

EX6XL vs EX6XLPLUS –Have you thought of extending your coaxial cable? Maybe due to issues like weak signals, electromagnetic interference, or signal loss from neighboring connectors. And your best bet is to move your antenna higher up on your roof—to improve the situation of your dish network or perhaps high-speed internet. There’s a way out! …

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Squelch: How to get rid of the Wireless Microphone Interference

Cordless microphone

There are many goodies for using cordless microphones. Nevertheless, using cordless technology implies that you are likely to face new challenges and differences in performance. For instance, you will encounter interference issues. If such occurs, listen to what is coming out through such a channel. If it is the worst sound you’ve ever experienced, then …

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IFB Audio: Why It’s Essential for Video Production and Broadcasting

A broadcaster adjusting IFB audio in his earphone

If you have ever participated in video production, you know how difficult it is. That’s especially true if you are doing live events. Before IFB audio channels appeared, the producers had to improvise. They couldn’t talk, or they risk ending up on the audio recording of the video. Therefore, crew communications included waving hands and …

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Oil And Gas Wireline: How does It Work?

Wireline cables

About Oil And Gas Wireline, Wireline activities play a vital role in oil and gas exploration.  They are used in good completion and intervention operations, like conveying downhole tools, fishing, and logging. First, the data collected determines the upstream operations’ efficiency. Besides, they help to replace, prolong, and enhance production in interventions and well workovers. …

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