Best Ethernet Cable for Apple TV 4K: Which Option is Better?


The Best Ethernet Cable for Apple TV 4K, Now that you have gotten your 4K Apple TV, it’s time to stream all your favorite sites and binge-watch your favorite seasons.

But, before doing that, you need to make an internet connection with your 4K TV. The question arises: Which type of connection will you need in the process?

And What are the best ethernet cable for Apple TV 4K? In this article, you will get these confusions resolved, plus much more.

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Ethernet vs. WIFI connection: Which is better for Apple TV 4K?

Both wireless and wired connections are here to solve your one problem: your link to the internet. Nevertheless, each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

AdvantagesDisadvantagesSet up
Ethernet connectionSimple plug-and-play system connection stability bandwidth decrease at larger distances latency and higher connection speedCabling messMultiport device needed to connect more than one device at a time.In-wall installation at the time of build.
WIFI connectionNo cables whatsoever are used in any place if a WIFI router is thereSignals weaken over larger distancesRadio waves may interact with other wave-generating devices.DSL wire connection with the WIFI router

 Apple 4K TV is the best option if you want high definition watching experience. However, if it works with an unstable WIFI connection, you might get buffering problems.

Since Ethernet offers more stable signals, it will ensure you get the best out of the 4K TV. Moreover, Ethernet provides faster and more secure data transfer. Thus, experts prefer using Ethernet cables with these TVs rather than WIFI.

 Apple TV setup with Ethernet cables.

Caption: Apple TV setup with Ethernet cables.

Which Ethernet Cable Should I Use for Apple 4K TV?

The minimal speed requirement for streaming devices is around 25 Mbps or so. You will get a better watching experience over high-resolution content if your connection provides this speed.

To get the speed, you can choose from a wide range of options with a certain length. The speed and bandwidth depend on the wire you are using and the ISPs provided internet.

For instance, if you have up to 1 Gbps speed package, using older Ethernet cables will hold the speed back. Similarly, slower speeds like 15 Mbps will create a bottleneck effect on the latest Cat cables.

There are around eight categories of Ethernet with different technologies used. Among them, only five can support newer speeds like Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7, and Cat7a.

  • Cat 5e is unshielded and supports up to 1 Gbps with 100 MHz Frequency over 100 meters of distance. The e in the name stands for the “enhanced” version of Cat cables.
  • Cat 6 can be with a shield or no shield. It supports 1 Gbps speed at a max frequency of 250 MHz over 100 meters.
  • Cat 6a is shielded and offers a speed of 10 Gbps at 100 meters and 500MHz bandwidth. The a in the name stands for augmented.
  • Cat 7 is also shielded and uses newer technology to support 10 Gbps and 600 MHz frequency at 100 meters.
  • Cat 7a is shielded and works on 10,000 MHz frequency, 10 Gbps speed at 100 meters of distance. However, it’s expensive for all the wires on the list.

Generally speaking, Cat5e and Cat6 are the most common two types of home networking, which can transfer 1Gbps speed over 100 meters of length unless the ISP provides a slower internet connection. 

How Do You Choose The Best Ethernet Cable?

Both speed and range are necessary for a greater HD experience on your Apple 4K TV. And the following factors are the breakdown of what you need in a good cable.


Both Cat6 and Cat7 are backward compatible and can provide higher speeds, given that the internet connection is faster. For example, if the ISPs are providing you with a 100 Mbps connection, this cable won’t be able to convert it into 1000 Mbps or so.

Using a large-capacity wire with a slow connection will work well, as there will be no pings and lags in the internet. Moreover, there will be low inference, and no bottlenecks will occur. However, if the wire is of smaller capacity and you are using it for high-speed internet, the data transfer will never work smoothly and always be slow.

Hence, look for the capacity of your device and then select the suitable Ethernet wire for your connection.


Another important factor of a good streaming experience is the range and length of the wire. You need to determine the devices for linking and check the distance between them. It will help you select the needed wire length so you won’t waste or be deprived of it.

For instance, to connect your desk and the office’s main router, you will probably need 10 meters of the wire. But, for outdoors or expanded indoors, 100 meters or more length of wire will suffice to connect to the internet. 

Apple 4K TV accessories

Caption: Apple 4K TV accessories 

Best Ethernet Cables for Apple TV 4K

According to our suggestions, these are the top 6 Ethernet cables that work best with 4K Apple TVs.

AmazonBasics Cat7

This Cat7 cable by Amazon basics is the best choice for most households due to its minimal price and excellent quality. Moreover, it comes with the hassle-free return policy of the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon’s Cat7 Ethernet cable comes with double shielding and allows up to 10 Gbps speed and 600 MHz bandwidth. Also, you can get it in white and black; the length can be up to 50ft.

MediaBridge Cat6 Line

In the Cat6 variety of Mediabridge, you can get several wires with different lengths and colors. It might not be the fastest-speed cable. Still, it is of the standards most people hold; a speed of 10 Gbps and 550MHz bandwidth. Moreover, the Mediabridge cables come with a Velcro strap to bundle your wires easily.

Jadaol Cat6

Among our list, the Jadaol Ethernet cables are the most manageable option due to their flat and sleek design with supporting accessories.

Hence, you can fix these cables under carpets and rugs without fear of tripping down and against the walls with a set of clips that can keep them straight on the surface.

DbillionDa Cat8

DbillionDa Ethernet Cat8 cable is the best choice if you want to set up your Apple 4K TV outdoors due to its unique weather-resistant nature. Also, it resists UV rays; thus, leaving them outside is not a big deal.

Since it is a Cat8 cable, it can support fast internet speeds of up to 40 Gbps and a bandwidth of 2000 MHz at a time.

Monoprice Cat6 (103419 Patch Cable)

This two-foot Cat6 cable by Monoprice will free you from extra wire to fold and hide for short distances, like behind the TV. It supports a bandwidth of up to 550 MHz, and despite being lower in price, it has a pure copper wire with gold plating contacts and a Lifetime warranty.

DanYee Cat 7 (Nylon Braided)

The DanYee Cat7 cable comes with distinct flashy colors and lengths up to 100 feet. It has brought back the fashion with sturdiness, and thus you can get a heavy-duty braided nylon wire with such grace. Moreover, it supports up to 10 Gbps speed and a bandwidth of 600 MHz, enough for a usual household.


Ethernet cable connection with 4K TV allows you a better entertainment experience while indulging you in high-definition picture quality. Also, with an Ethernet connection, you don’t have to worry about lags and buffers during your movie time.

The options above will let you choose the best one according to your needs.

Here at Cloom, we offer custom cable assemblies and wiring harness solutions to make your connection easy and safe.