Best PoE Cable – Reliable and Efficient Cables for 2023


The best PoE cable is one of the efficient tools required to provide power and connectivity to devices.

Consequently, PoE cables have a wide range of applications, such as in VoIP phones and PoE IP surveillance cameras. 

Generally, several factors like safety, the material used, temperature ratings, and the conductor gauge size often affect your choice of cables.

The factors determine their longevity and quality while in use.

Stick around as we highlight some chief aspects of the best PoE cable and how to choose it. 

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What Is PoE and How Does It Work?

PoE (Power over Ethernet) enables network cables to transmit electrical power to gadgets/devices without an adapter or outlet.

In that way, one cable can connect your device to a network while providing power. 

Working principle

Usually, ethernet cables meeting CAT5e (for instance) standards have four already twisted cable pairs.

PoE provides power to the pairs and PoE-enabled devices like wireless access points, video conferencing systems, and security cameras. 


  • The same pair receives power and data.
  • One pair is for power, while the second is for transmitting data.

In the first instance, data transmissions and power experience no interruptions from each other, a phenomenon called “phantom power.” 

Factors to consider when choosing

Selection Criteria of Cables for PoE Transmission

  • Temperature Rating; For installation purposes, the recommended range is 0 °C  to 75 °C. Therefore, any PoE cable that can withhold temperature beyond 60°C can sustain a higher power dissipation.  
  • Size of a Conductor Gauge; In PoE cables, conductor resistance is paramount for heat generation. Thus, check the conductor gauge size to minimize heat generation or increase heat dissipation through the cable.
  • Cable Material; Correct cable material is significant in increasing PoE transmission efficiency.
    • CCA – They have a higher radiant heat generation thanks to their higher conductor resistance and only work for a shorter period. Fortunately, they’re cheaper and more economical.
    • Pure copper cable – It is inexpensive and has several uses. However, they offer less heat generation and resistance and will work for a long without affecting transmitting data speed. 
  • Cable Construction
    • UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair); offers less heat dissipation. 
    • STP (Shielded Twisted Pair); has higher heat dissipation

Remember to select STP cables with metallic shields and foil since the higher the heat dissipation, the cooler the cable.

  • Installation Mechanism: PoE cable connectivity type often determines the thermal resistance and insertion loss. 

Application-centric Considerations for Selecting the Cable for PoE

  • IEEE 802.3af-2003; The voltage range of PoE devices is between 44  to 57 DCV and 350mA.The standard amount of power carried by PoE copper cable is 12.95 Watts.
  • IEEE 802.3at-2009; The standard suits type two PoE devices, and you can power it with 25.5 to 30 Watts at 50 to 57 DCV. 
  • IEEE 802.3bu-2016; It works well for automotive and industrial applications as a single-pair Power over Data Line (PoDL). Further on, it’ll work for ethernet cables such as 1000Base-T1 and 100Base –T1 cables.
  • IEEE 802.3bt-2018; It is the latest standard suitable for type four and three PoE devices. It’s also ideal for high-performance PoE applications like 10GBase-T, 5GBase-T, and 2.5Gbase-T cables. 
  • Data Transmission Requirements include factors such as supported transmission length and rate. For instance, Cat5 cables are ideal for short-distance transmission, whereas Cat8 and Cat7 cables work for premium applications. 
  • Power Consumption; The standard of a cable determines the power consumption. Often, each cable has a different power consumption capacity.
  • PoE Standards; as dictated by IEEE. The standards state the crucial details of PoE devices and PoE transmission protocol. 

Best PoE Cable

ANNKE PoE Ethernet Cable – 100 Feet

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Features and Benefits 

  • First and foremost, it is a weatherproof cable with a 0.5 CCA wire core.
  • It can offer about 100 Mbps speed with no signal loss or latency. 
  • Moreover, it has a crystal plug, which is oxidation-resistant. 
  • Finally, it boasts optimum performance, passing loos, wire mapping, attenuation, and DC loop resistance tests.  


  • You’ll have to buy the adapter separately. 

Customer Review

“Good to go, no problem.”

ZOSI Cat5e Ethernet Cable – 60 Feet

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Features and Benefits 

  • It has high-speed connectivity and can transmit approximately 155MHz. 
  • Secondly, it has many applications, including network media players, routers, and computers. 
  • There’s high dissipation and high efficiency when using the cable in PoE devices.
  • In addition, it has gold-plated PVC connectors that make the cable strong and durable.


  • If not careful, you can damage the weak chippings during installation. 

Customer Review

“Works as it should, I was skeptical about the quality cable I would receive, but this cable at the 60′ length is very sturdy and feels solid, unlike other cheap cables.”

Amcrest Cat5e Cable for PoE Security Cameras

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Features and Benefits 

  • The cables have twisted pairs ending in RJ45 connectors.
  • Then, it has no latency or signal loss, thus, ensuring an excellent connection of high attenuation and low resistance. 
  • Furthermore, you can easily install it or give it back within 30 days if unsatisfied. 


  • It cannot withhold much bending. 

Customer Review

“Fast delivery and a great value with high quality for my security system.”

Hiseeu Cat5e PoE Ethernet Cable – 65 Feet

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Features and Benefits 

  • It is compatible with many PoE systems like Samsung and Dahua and works at high speeds. 
  • Then, it has a shielded metal coupler and waterproof RJ45 connector that helps it withstand all outdoor weather conditions.
  • Also, it’s affordable and will support 10Gb/sec. 
  • Its flexible PVC jacket ensures maximum protection. 


  • Unfortunately, you cannot use it to transfer data.

Customer Review

“So far, this is the best cable I’ve used for our REOLiNK cameras. Many cables around 160′, especially those using CCA conductors cause problems with the camera’s siren, requiring a camera reset. But so far, I like the cable.

They’re easy to pull through 80′ of 3/4 inch buried PVC conduit and seems to resist twisting.”

Swann Security Cat5 Ethernet Cable

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Features and Benefits 

  • First, it has easy installation and guarantees safety and fire resistance. 
  • High performance for audio, video, and power
  • Lastly, it has a variety of applications ranging from NVRs to PoE cameras. 


  • You might have difficulty maintaining it.

Customer Review

“Great product. Got the job done.”


In summary, PoE transmission technology has taken over the networking industry.

Therefore, selecting the best PoE cables is a major step in all installations using PoE technology.

Luckily, our well-researched article will keep you a step ahead of the search game.

You can always contact us for more information on cables and wiring.