3D modern microphone with handle

Antenna Distribution: To Optimize the Performance of Your Wireless Systems

When wireless systems operate in the same environment, they often lack performance. To obtain maximum performance, you have to opt for antenna distribution. There are multiple benefits.  First, cabling becomes more organized and manageable. Second, you can use an external antenna to mount on a distributor or a combiner. Third, you can use remote antennas,

microphones on sound console before a performance

Analog Vs. Digital Microphone: Which One to Choose and When?

If you start audio versus digital discussion, you can go for hours—especially the audio enthusiasts who have a lot of information on both. However, no matter how long the conversation is, it always ends in a mixed conclusion. You cannot determine whether one is better than the other. Here, we will compare analog vs. digital

A radio wave

Wave Polarization: Everything You Need to Know

In many cases where waves come from a natural source, the fields vibrate in different orientations. Therefore, they are considered unpolarized. Nevertheless, for waves from or through a freely polarizing gadget like an antenna is different. The fields move in a specific direction of propagation. Therefore, they are said to be polarized. The wave polarization

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