A spectrum analyzer panel with hand

Wireless Microphone Frequency Scanner: Help you Find a Clear Frequency

Wireless microphones have become a standard across the entertainment industry. Almost every television channel uses them, and you can also see them in events that involve public speaking. If you want optimal performance from these active devices, you’ll need a wireless microphone frequency scanner. It allows you to find the best frequency range for the

wireless microphone

900 Mhz Interference: What Are the Causes and How to Avoid It?

Some things create disturbances in electrical circuits quite often. Though several things create this disturbance, RFI and EMI are more common. EMI is electromagnetic Interference, while RFI is Radio Frequency Interference. Everything that uses power can create RFI disturbance. Thankfully, the interference in the wireless microphone system occurs only due to three frequency bands. These

radio waves

900 MHz Wi-Fi: Is It Better Than 2.4GHz Wi-Fi?

Wireless technologies use a wide range of frequencies. Some radio wave frequencies are higher up to 2.4 GHz, while others are lower at 900 MHz. According to the general impression, you may think that 2.4 GHz radio waves perform better than 900 MHz; nevertheless, that’s not true. For wireless systems that work in wide-open fields,

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