Inter Modulation Distortion: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

A receiver’s effectiveness is a crucial factor to consider when you’re handling any wireless transmitting system. After all, if you have interference in your received signals, it may disruptor your network service.  So, as a designer, you need to design, test, and implement your network system to meet certain technical specifications.  That way, your design

cordless radio wireless microphone and transmitter system

FCC 600 MHz: What’s New for Wireless Microphone Systems

Most wireless microphone systems used to be in the TV band spectrum in the US. However, the demand for wireless broadband services was increasing. As a result, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) auctioned a spectrum of broadcast television stations. This spectrum lies in 600MHz frequencies. The broadcast television stations that operate on TV channels 38-51

A TV screen

TVBDs: Everything you need to know

Are you working with a wireless microphone? Therefore, you need to know what TVBDs are and their importance. It can push cordless microphones from ultra-high frequency whitespaces. How? We will equip you with everything you need to know about TVBDs. What is a TV Band Device/White Space Device? A white space device or TV Band

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