Gold-plated HDMI cables Vs. Regular ones: Are gold ones worth paying for

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About Gold-plated HDMI cables Vs. Regular ones, If you have recently purchased HDMI cables, you must have come across gold-plated HDMI cables. These cables look premium owing to the gold’s sheen and precious nature.

People often believe that these cables are undoubtedly much better than regular ones. But are they?

Let’s break down the facts about gold-plated HDMI cables and see if you need them.

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What is a gold-plated HDMI cable?

A Gold-plated HDMI cable does not mean the whole cable is plated with gold; instead, a thin sheet of gold covers the connector. 

Except it, everything else, like the cable’s hood and shield over wires, is made of polycarbonate or plastic.

Is gold-plated cable better than regular ones?

Gold-plated HDMI cables may offer slightly better performance than gold-plated HDMI cables, but that is not worth paying a significant amount just for a thin sheet of gold.

Gold may be slightly better in terms of durability as it does not oxidize and is corrosion-resistant. 

However, silver and copper also offer such durability to a considerable extent. 

So, it is not worth paying a high premium for gold-plated cables as there are no particular advantages.

Further, HDMI uses Transition Minimized Differential Signaling (TMDS) for transmitting digital information. 

When we talk about “Digital,” the signal either transfers entirely or does not go at all. 

So, there is no point in having elevated performance or ascertaining how signals get transferred with gold-plated HDMI cables. It’s always complete output or no output.

A Regular HDMI cable 

A Regular HDMI cable 

Why do these gold-plated cables exist when they do add value?

Of course, there is no point in having gold-plated cables, but having one also does not hurt. 

Many people look for fancy-looking and premium quality products as it fascinates them.

Also, some believe these cables enhance their setup performance without knowing the fact that manufacturers are making buyers fall prey to their misleading marketing tactics. 

Further, the high prices that manufacturers charge for electroplating the connector are way higher than the actual cost. 

Sometimes, some manufacturers enhance the quality of their gold-plated HDMI cables to justify their higher prices. 

They either make cables with thick insulation or improve the overall build.


Having read that, you must know that gold-plated HDMI cables do nothing good to you. So, better not fall prey to the false promises of manufacturers. 

However, if you prefer premium-looking cables and can afford them, you can go for them.

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