Cable & Internet Bundles: Find the Best Bundle


Most people require cable TV and high-speed internet for their families. Cable& Internet bundles can be your first option if you are looking for a good choice. Many providers are emerging with their packages and offers. This article talked about tips and tricks to help you find the best. 

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Are Cable and Internet Bundles Worth It?

Most cable companies nowadays offer TV and internet services in the same package. You can get the best of both worlds at one fixed price. Moreover, some companies like Optimum or Mediacom only allow people to buy cable subscriptions to the internet. 

Here are a few reasons why these bundles can benefit you.

  • Convenience: To be honest, every person works for their comfort and convenience. While these cable and internet deals save you some money, they also are easy to manage. Since you have to deal with only one subscriber, changing the plans, updating the bills, and adding preferences become much simple.
  • Discounts: Providers offer many deals if you purchase a TV and internet subscription bundle. These discounts can even lead you to save $20 or more per month, depending upon the provider you are dealing with. However, these companies have now started to invest more in promotional offers than giving discounts to consumers.
  • Promotional Offers: Nowadays, instead of a solid discount, companies are moving towards giving free subscriptions and gift cards. While these might look better, you save money by watching a premium channel for free.
Setting up cable and internet connection

Caption: Setting up cable and internet connection

How to pick the best cable TV and internet bundle

After considering these few tips, you can seal the deal.

They are available near you.

Internet and TV connections are only formable when the company offers services near you. So, search for the providers near your area through zip code and choose which bundle works best for you.

Consider the channel lineup.

You may only get some channels you want from a cable service. Still, you might find a package with the maximum number of stations. You can check the channel lineup online or call the help center. Then select the bundle.

Look for Internet Speeds

Just like channels for cable TV, you also need to check out the internet speed a package provides. A bundle offers you less price, but it may also be giving slower internet speed. Hence, choose according to your need. As a guide, you can purchase

  • 40 to 100 Mbps for one or 2 persons
  • 75 to 300 Mbps for two to four people
  • 500+ Mbps for more than four people

Also, it will depend upon the activities you do. For example, calling and messages may work at lower speeds. Still, if you want to stream online videos, it may require a faster internet connection.

There is no hidden fee.

Many companies have a list of charges printed as miscellaneous on the bill. You don’t know what they are and end up paying more than you signed up for. Hence, read the fine print for each package and compare the options rationally.

They give promotional offers.

Gift cards and free subscriptions can help you save some pennies. So, make sure that the company offers some on your chosen bundle.

They have other service options to bundle.

The more you add to a bundle, the more benefit you get. Thus, look for other needed services like phone, smart security, and cellphone services and add up to your bundle.

Cable & Internet Bundles: Compare prices as well as features.

Typically, people only look for the price tag rather than the value the product is giving, which leads to a major issue of missing out on many things. Especially when you decide to choose a bundle, there are many additional services written that you currently ignore. However, these services make the deal complete and valuable.

So, whenever you are choosing an internet package, make sure you also evaluate the added services. Also, see if these services are what you need or not. For example, maybe you don’t want a smart security service, but the bundle has it. Then the service will go to waste, and you may pay more than usual.

Cable box with coax cable

Caption: Cable box with coax cable

Cable & Internet Bundles: Best Cable TV and Internet Bundles

According to our research, here are the best TV and Cable Bundles you can find across the US.

Xfinity: Best cable bundles for Family

Xfinity packages offer both internet and cable services in the United States. Moreover, most customers are happy with their packages, as they tend to fulfill their requirements. The internet comes with 100 to 1200 Mbps speed. Also, its channel list consists of CNN, ESPN, Cartoon Network, Telemundo, etc.

However, its data capacity ends at 1.2TB, which may be a disadvantage if you are an internet power user.

Cox: Best for custom bundle options

If you don’t want pre-set bundles, Cox got you covered. Cox offers pairing up your required internet speed with the TV package you like. In TV packages, you can get local channels, local with the basic channel, or with premium channels like HBO Max, Cinemax, etc.

For the internet, you get a speed of 100 to 1000 Mbps. For benefit, you can get smart security and phone services. However, you will end up paying more for it.

Spectrum: Best for no data capacity

While spectrum may have a narrow range of bundles to choose from, you can get huge benefits for big families. That is, they offer unlimited data capacity for your usage. Spectrum TV has 300, and 500 Mbps speed internet. Also, it doesn’t bind the users with annual contracts and termination fees.

Optimum: Best for small towns

Optimum brought cable and internet plans across the southern region of America. Especially, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana residents have benefitted a lot since the provider launched its services there.

It offers 220 to 420 plus channels, including Disney Channel, ESPN, Hallmark Channel, CNN, etc. Moreover, internet speeds are also optimal for the average user. 

Here you can mix and match the TV and internet packages with optimum. However, the prices may increase after one year of usage.


Bundling TV and internet services together is a great source of saving money and time.

It helps you lower the number of vendors you deal with monthly while lessening costs. With so many options available, choosing the right bundle is hectic work.

Plus, you are constantly worrying about not wasting their money in any way.

Our guide will let you compare and choose between different bundles.