Cable TV Providers: What to Look in Them Before Choosing one?


You may watch your favorite content by any means, but cable provides the best content without much hassle. You can get everything under one cable connection: a football game, local news, or your favorite drama.

Just find the right cable TV providers with the right packages for you.

While there is a saturated market of cable TV providers, we found the best for you and the deals they provide. Let’s have a look at them.

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How do providers deliver TV content?

For starters, the providers can deliver the content to the consumers through three methods. These are cable, satellite, and streaming,

Cable TV

The providers use fiber optic or coaxial cable in a standard cable connection to send the signals to your home device. The cable box then converts the radio frequency signals into audio and video displayed on your screen. Moreover, they connect to your home by burying the cables underground or hanging them with the phone poles.

Satellite TV

If you are not living in an urban area, you may not get a cable connection. As an alternative, the consumers may use a satellite connection to catch the channels from the satellites in space. However, the use of satellites is not limited to rural areas only. Thus, it is also a great option for cities due to the number of channels it offers vs. the price you need to pay.

Online streaming

The popular option of this time, the streaming services, are no better than the cable connection. They may give you all of your favorite TV shows and movies for just a chunk of the price the cable providers are taking. Platforms like Hulu + Live, Netflix, and HBO Now are accessible through any of your devices with various packages. We bet that watching entertainment can never be better than that.

Are cable TV companies better than others?

We recommend looking inside the pros and cons of cable TV to see whether it is wise to disconnect and switch to other options.

Pros of Cable TV Packages

Bundle offers: Normally, the Cable TV packages also contain phone and internet connection facilities. Chances are, you get a good bundle at a minimal price.

Different Packages: The company may provide you with two or more options for each service. They might differ in pricing, valid time, and amount of data. Moreover, you can get add-ons if your favorite sports or movie channel is also.

Reliable services: Unlike satellite and antenna, weather and other uncertain conditions do not affect Cable TV. Hence, you can get clear, distortion-free content whenever you like.

Cons of Cable TV Packages

Cable TV services never come with the price of services only. Rather, get ready to pay add-on packages, additional taxes, rent of equipment, and miscellaneous charges. Here is a breakdown of these costs.

Price: Since its offers you a good number of premium channels without any problem, it may be more expensive than the streaming platforms where you get limited content. However, the price might be the same as the satellite TV systems. 

The Package Cost depends upon the type of services you have and the number of channels you unlock. However, depending on your provider, the starting price will range between $20 to $125 per month. 

Tax and Broadcast/ Regional Sports fees vary with your area. The broadcast and sports fee is the amount provider has to pay for airing certain channels. These taxes are unavoidable, and you have to pay around $10 to $20 per month just for the sake. 

Add-on Services are valid only if you subscribe to extra channels, i.e., other than what your package provides. It can go as high as $20 a month.

Equipment Cost: The cost of equipment that you need to set up a cable system is another minus for this service. The rental fee of DVR, HD service, plus the cable box may increase your monthly bill by $30 a month. 

While some have TV boxes added to their packages, others charge around $5 a month for each device; if your equipment has advanced technology like a DVR system, the prices will likely go higher than before.

Imposed bundles: While bundles may be great for some users, others may not require the internet. But, some cable companies do not have standalone cable TV services, and thus, you are bound to have their internet connection.

A person watching cable TV

Caption: A person watching cable TV

What to look for in a cable TV provider?

Simply put, you should look for the following qualities when choosing a cable provider for your home.

  • Their cable packages have a good channel-to-price ratio. They provide a good selection of channels and have market-competitive prices.
  • The channel lineup has to have popular TV channels like Disney Channel, NFL Network, etc., even if the user subscribes to their basic level package.
  • There are no long-term contracts attached to any of their services. If not, then there is no solid deal with their contract.
  • Their equipment is so easy to install that a naïve can do it without professional help.
  • DVRs they provide have ample storage so that you and your family can record every show you like. 
Cable TV box

Caption: Cable TV box

Best cable TV provider 2023

Here are the best TV providers of 2023 that we ranked according to their price, channels, reliability, equipment, and contracting options.


Xfinity has one of the cheapest plans for its users. It is best for the sports lover since its every basic package includes ESPN. Moreover, you get a good DVR in the X1 with a voice-enabled remote and a cable box.

However, they tend to add a list of additional charges. Also, they have increased the price of their packages but eliminated their contract of 1 year.


Spectrums offer packages with no contracts and excellent price points for that cause. While it’s available in more than 41 states of the US, they are a good option even if you are moving from place to place.

But, they don’t provide ample DVR storage, which increases its prices after one year of usage.


Verizon Fios is popular for its best channel lineup since it provides 425+ channels for as little as $100. Also, it comes with Fiber-optic cables, so you get a fast, reliable connection with many channels.

However, it is only available in some states, like New York, New Jersey, and Delaware.


Optimum offers the recording of at least 15 shows at a time. Also, the service is New York-based, can watch all the HD sports chain channels nine) for every sports team in NYC.

However, Optimum is only available in three states and a few cities, so you can only hope this service will be in your area.


Cox Tv has the feature of customizing your packages while giving you four channel lineups. In addition to that, you can also choose the internet and home telephone lines with TV services and make your bundle.

However, these luxuries are attached to a 2-year contract, and you can be charged for $240 fee if you cancel the plan after a 30-day trial.

Digital TV box

Caption: Digital TV box

TV cable companies available near you

To search for Cable providers around your area, you can click here and get the variety of cable companies near you. You only need to enter your address or Zip Code and click the search button. You will get a list of providers along with the rates they are quoting.

Is bundling cable and internet packages beneficial?

All and all, if you subscribe to a TV and high-speed internet package inside a bundle, chances are to get the best value. It is due to the following reasons.

Discounts: Most package providers offer discounts if you get the internet and cable TV services together. That way, it’s a win-win for you as you save money and for them since you are subscribing to two of their services. However, many providers are now moving away from the bundle system.

Promotional offers: As discounts may not be further practiced, these companies are moving towards promotional offers. In these offers, you may get free channel streaming of any premium content, gift cards, and much more.

Convenience: In the end, it’s all about the convenience of a consumer and how they like things to be. Hence, most people lean towards internet and cable TV bundles since it’s much simpler to handle than dealing with different providers.


Here are our top picks for cable TV providers. Now you must choose what’s best for you according to your needs. Contact us now if you need any help with your cable connection.