Can HDMI Cables Go Bad: Looking Into Video and Audio Issues


HDMI cables provide a crisp, clear picture with sharp sound on any connected device. In turn, this results in a more immersive, pleasant experience for gaming or watching television. But users sometimes ask themselves, “Can HDMI cables go bad?”

This article looks into that subject matter, offering solutions to potential issues. So let’s get started!

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Can An HDMI Cable Detoriate?

An HDMI cable can fail over time. Keep an eye out for certain factors that indicate it no longer works, including poor sound and image quality. Purchase a replacement after discovering the original no longer works. 

What Are The Signs Of A Bad HDMI Cable?

A faulty HDMI cable produces scrambled images. 

A faulty HDMI cable produces scrambled images. 

A faulty HDMI cable generally produces varying audio and video issues due to poor signal transmission. In that case, you will notice the picture doesn’t appear, randomly flickers, looks pixelated, blurry, or distorted, or provides a poor screen resolution. It could also have some on-screen discoloration or freeze the image.

Meanwhile, the audio seems unclear, cuts off unexpectedly, or doesn’t work.

How Does An HDMI Cable Get Damaged?

An HDMI cable gets damaged in various ways.

An HDMI cable gets damaged in various ways.

Overall, several factors influence how your cable sustains damage. These typically occur from everyday handling, poor durability, and pin damage.

Careless Handling

Rapidly connecting and disconnecting the HDMI cable, excessively coiling it, or improper storage damages the product. This causes deterioration that loosens internal wires, weakens the solder, or detaches the header. 

Cheap HDMI Cable

Sure, a cheap HDMI cable saves you a few extra bucks, but it also comes with some risks. For instance, it can break because the product is less durable than standard HDMI cables. Internal disintegration creates another problem since that leads to signal transmission deficiencies.

Also, connecting a low-quality HDMI cable to advanced display technology, like 4K HDR, affects the image quality. In that case, it could produce a low-quality video with grainy or fuzzy details.

Damaged Connector Pins

Improperly connecting an HDMI cable causes video and audio issues. 

HDMI cable with pins.

Inspect the connector’s pins and the device’s HDMI port. A bent, uneven, or broken pin usually causes audio transmission failure. You can repair a misaligned pin by aligning it like the others. Replace the HDMI cable if you see a broken or bent pin.

Otherwise, debris, like dust or dirt, may get trapped in the connector whenever you disconnect the cable. Thoroughly cleaning this area could solve inoperable issues. We also highly recommend purchasing an HDMI cable with a gold-plated connector. This prevents oxidization and protects the cable against corrosive substances. 

How To Solve Any Emerging Issues

Improperly connecting an HDMI cable causes video and audio issues. 

Improperly connecting an HDMI cable causes video and audio issues. 

Refer to the tips below to quickly and efficiently solve the issue associated with the HDMI cable. Purchase a new HDMI cable if the issues remain unsolved. 

Increase The Volume

Increasing the volume may help solve audio issues.

Increasing the volume may help solve audio issues.

You may have set the volume low, leading to misdiagnosed failure. Try increasing the volume to see if the audio issue vanishes.

Look At The Connections

If the HDMI cable insecurely plugs into the device, further problems arise.  This occurs for numerous reasons, like a larger port or plugging/unplugging the cable too often. Check the connection, ensuring that it plugs into the port properly.

Inspect Your HDMI Cable

A curved shape interferes with the cable’s (long or short length) overall performance. Leaving it in that condition may cause long-term damage. You can easily fix this issue by straightening the cable.

Apply Firmware Updates

Ensure your connected device has the latest update! Otherwise, the HDMI cable and various features won’t work correctly. Visit your manufacturer’s website to download the most recent update. 

Adjust the Video Resolution

Your connected device likely comes with a resolution menu, which you can access to configure certain settings. Sometimes the video resolution automatically changes. So try adjusting it to the TV’s resolution instead. 


Are HDMI cables repairable?

Yes, and it might be risky if you don’t have the necessary expertise. For example, you could damage the wires, requiring further repairs. Consider purchasing a new HDMI cable instead.

Will your device suffer damage from a faulty HDMI cable?

Your device will not sustain damage if you plug in a bad HDMI cable. Rather, the cable produces unenjoyable sounds and visuals. 

What is the lifespan of an HDMI cable?

HDMI cables last forever if you maintain them in the best way possible. Ensure you avoid coiling, tangling, or bending it, and practice proper storage! Otherwise, it won’t last very long. 


Don’t fret if the HDMI cable unexpectedly stops functioning properly. In that case, finding the main issue should be your top priority. The troubleshooting steps, as discussed earlier, help determine if the cable suffered damage and failed. You can decide to solve the issue or purchase another cable. After all, optimal visual and audio quality makes the TV viewing experience worthwhile!

Do you have any questions regarding a bad HDMI cable? Feel free to contact us!