Squelch: How to get rid of the Wireless Microphone Interference

Cordless microphone

There are many goodies for using cordless microphones. Nevertheless, using cordless technology implies that you are likely to face new challenges and differences in performance. For instance, you will encounter interference issues. If such occurs, listen to what is coming out through such a channel. If it is the worst sound you’ve ever experienced, then …

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IFB Audio: Why It’s Essential for Video Production and Broadcasting

A broadcaster adjusting IFB audio in his earphone

If you have ever participated in video production, you know how difficult it is. That’s especially true if you are doing live events. Before IFB audio channels appeared, the producers had to improvise. They couldn’t talk, or they risk ending up on the audio recording of the video. Therefore, crew communications included waving hands and …

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Oil And Gas Wireline: How does It Work?

Wireline cables

About Oil And Gas Wireline, Wireline activities play a vital role in oil and gas exploration.  They are used in good completion and intervention operations, like conveying downhole tools, fishing, and logging. First, the data collected determines the upstream operations’ efficiency. Besides, they help to replace, prolong, and enhance production in interventions and well workovers. …

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Low-Pressure Injection Molding: Everything About Its Uses and Benefits

Injection molding machines in a factory

Did you know that low-pressure powder injection molding dates back to the 1970s? It served to make wire strain reliefs. Although the automotive industry first accepted low-pressure molding, it quickly spread to other areas. Today, you’ll find it in wire harnesses, military, and other products. It’s useful for any unit that needs protection from dirt …

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Component Kitting: Applications, Challenges, and Benefits


Cable assembly is a critical component when designing an electrical system. For the assembly to be complete, you’ll need different elements that impact the performance. Putting these parts together can be beneficial to your production schedule, especially when sourcing and stocking materials. In other words, you need to use component kitting services. This article will …

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Crimping Process: A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

A crimp tool and cable on a white background

Do you have a harness with multiple wires that you need to connect? If yes, you can do that with a crimping process. Thanks to that, you can later connect it to another wire or component. Depending on the crimp tooling, the wire crimping process can be manual or automatic. Keep reading to discover a …

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Wire Harness Manufacturing Process: Automatic and Manual

Electrical Wiring

A wire harness is a cable assembly that transmits electrical power. Here, the manufacturing process provides the basis for the assembling of other electrical products. Harnessing includes cutting, soldering, stripping, also a wide range of cable assemblies. Moreover, it maximizes the process by binding the individual wires together. The process ensures safety and security as …

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Hipot: How to Perform This Electrical Safety Test

electrical cables and wires

Electrical insulation is an essential part of electrical circuits. It ensures the safety and quality of the electrical circuits. Without good insulation, you can face electric shocks, and as a result, you can get fatal injuries. So, you must perform electrical safety tests to verify insulation ability. For this, you can do a Hipot test. …

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Wire Insulation: A Complete Guide to Types and Their Benefits

An insulating tape and power cable

If you place a wire in an electrical setup, you want the most it can give. That includes lasting for as long as possible while maintaining optimal performance. Wire insulation is crucial to preserving the wire’s integrity and maximizing its lifespan. This guide reveals everything you should know about wire insulation. Start reading right away …

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