SPDIF Coaxial Cable– How SPDIF Coaxial Cables Actually Work

SPDIF Coaxial Cables

When working with audio and digital hi-def systems, having a SPDIF coaxial cable is a must. These cables connect audio consumer equipment like home theatre systems and TVs, allowing them to output audio from one another. Whether you are, this information may come in handy. Learn how spdif coaxial cables work, the interchangeability factor to …

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Multi Taps: How do They Make the Signal Quality Better?

Multi Taps

About Multi taps, As the times are speeding up, customers demand more channels than before. Not only pipelines, but they also need better bandwidth and services with every passing day. For catering to these demands, it is not an easy task to balance the system due to the full utilization of the return bandwidth. Moreover, …

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Wiring Harness Types: How to Choose the Best for Your Cable Set?

Wiring Harness Types

Wires are everywhere. Everything needs cables to run from the electric appliances you use to the internet connection. Even if you hear about a thing being “wireless,” it still utilizes the wires somewhere in the system. Hence, it would help if you designed the wiring harness types accordingly.Wire harnesses or cable assemblies are a set …

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Connector Series: How to Choose the Best Fit?

Connector Series

The connector series is complex, and you must differentiate between them before choosing among them. When creating a wire harness, it is essential to think about what type of connector is best for you. Ultimately, this decision will affect the choice of other components and, as a result, will determine whether the connection is fit …

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How To Pull A Wire Through Conduit: Learn Different Methods To Make Your Work Easier

How To Pull A Wire Through Conduit

While making electrical connections at any place, guarding against damage from the outside environment is essential. Today, we will dig in the conduit, which allows for an easy path for wires. However, wiring the conduits is a challenging task. Pulling wires hundreds of feet through conduits should be done carefully to avoid damage. This article …

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Braided Ground Strap: How Does it Differ from a Ground Wire?

Braided Ground Strap

While setting up an electrical device, manufacturers always designate a safe path for the electrostatic discharge. This way, the electrical current can reach the ground without injuring people or destroying the system. For this purpose, you can use ground instruments available to you. You can find these critical safety devices in many variations. For instance, …

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Plenum vs Riser Cable: Which One to Choose

Plenum vs Riser Cable

The NEC (National Electrical Code) gives different ratings to cables based on their usage. And businesses must consider these ratings when installing new lines or hiring a cabling contractor. Examples of these ratings are: CMP cables for communications plenum. CMR cables for communications riser.  These ratings only indicate the cable jacket’s fire-resisting properties, and it …

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Shielded Wire vs Unshielded: How to Choose

Shielded Wire vs Unshielded

When you update or install your network infrastructure, you must consider different network patch cable types. There are two main types: twisted and untwisted pairs. In twisted pairs, two conductors of a single circuit twist together. In contrast to an untwisted or single conductor pair, a twisted pair reduces electromagnetic radiation. Additionally, it reduces the …

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Molex Cable: How to Install and Remove Molex Connectors?

Molex Cable

In the late 1950s, the Molex Company revealed its pin and socket design for connectors. That became popular in no time, and to date, this easy-to-use and configured I/O connector is an industry-standard. Thus, Molex connectors are necessary to configure high-tech computers, home appliances, or automobiles. These connectors make assembling and reconfiguration a smooth and …

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JST Connector: How to Choose and Use One?

JST Connector

What advantages do J.S.T. connectors have in the Japanese market and sharply impact the Chinese market? The development in shape and the shell design. The story of connectors is constantly updated, and each country has its successful model. For example, the JST connector uses a metal shell setting, which increases the protection of the connector’s …

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