Does a DVI Cable Carry Audio: All You Need to Know

Image of DVI cable

When connecting a built-in audio system to a monitor or TV, it is not uncommon to wonder, “Does a DVI cable carry audio?” Let’s look at the different aspects of a DVI cable to help establish whether it carries audio and how it relates to different display devices. DVI: An Introduction Digital Visual Interface (DVI) …

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Can I Use DMX Cable For Audio: Let’s Find The Answer

DMX Cable

If you are a gifted gaffer or a foley artist, there are high chances that you have dealt with a lot of power cables. And whenever you fell short of cable, you tried using a DMX cable in your audio rig (XLR) and vice versa. The general belief is that you cannot mix XLR and …

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Composite Audio Cable: Differ composite from RCA and component

audio cable

Home theaters and stereo systems are standard in our houses, which can change your videos’ sound quality. However, it happens if you use proper cables. This article will highlight the composite audio cable. Composite video and RCA understanding Composite is a format for video encoding. It comprises analog video transmission having clocked frequency of 60-hertz …

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Copper Audio Cable: Why Is It Better Than Other Cable Conductors

audio cables

Many characteristics of copper make it a perfect pick for audio cables. Besides, several companies also use OFC or oxygen-free cables in theatre music and film reproduction connections to enhance audio performance. Why? In the following article, let’s discuss using the copper audio cable and their different types. How do you choose copper over silver? Let’s …

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Audio-visual Cable: Popular Options That You Can Consider

Audio and video cables

It’s no secret that audio and video cables pair up to enhance the picture and audio quality and enrich the user experience. However, other cables can also transmit the signals (both audio and video) over a single line. You should note that the cable type depends solely on the device that you use. The audio-video …

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