RF Cables: All You Need to Know

RF Cables

Think of your TV for a second. How do you think the data gets to your TV set? The answer is RF Cables. So, by definition, RF cables are a type of coaxial cable used to send radio frequency signals. Radio Frequency signals could be anything from TV, internet, video, and voice communications signals. According …

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Coaxial Cables: Everything You Need to Know

Coaxial Cables

Most people have interacted with coaxial cables at some point even though many may not realize it. Improving your understanding of coaxial cables will be helpful to you. This guide covers the things you need to know about coaxial cables so you can make informed decisions.  1. What Are Coaxial Cables? Coaxial cables are a …

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SJEOOW: Learn About This popular Portable Power Cord


Portable power cords are common in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. However, the cable you need depends on their specific application. For example, SJO portable power cords are standard among customers as they can handle high voltages even when their applications are rated for junior service or 300 volts. This habit is quite common and …

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RG Cables: Know More About The Cable Type

RG Cables

The characteristic impedance of most coax cables is 50, 52, 75, or 93 Ohms. And they have standard type names in the RF industry. All thanks to the TV, most use RG-6 cables as the most common coaxial type of cable in our homes. Have you ever thought about what this RG is? Let’s dig …

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Battery Cables: Everything you need to know

Battery Cables

The battery is essential to most auto machines since it powers the components inside. It would help if you had battery cables with the right features to make the connection. In this article, we will see what battery cables are and details that will benefit you. What are battery cables? The battery cable set has …

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Jumper Cables: Bring Your Car Battery Back to Life

Jumper Cables

Whether it is cold weather, or an old or malfunctioning battery, it all can cause your battery to die. However, as long as your battery is not dead, a jumpstart with jumper cables may be all to get your car running again or at least help you take it to the mechanics. Let’s dig in …

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Welding Cables: A Strong Cable for Multiple Purposes

Welding Cables

As you are working on a project, there are types of areas that require different kinds of wirings. One of them is welding cables that, due to their durable nature, are ideal for many applications other than welding. Let’s dig into the welding cables and how you can use them.  Welding Applications The two most …

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Wire Harness Connector Types: What Are Their Differences

Wire Harness Connector Types

Connectors are a critical component of cars because they form an easy connection between wires and the different electrical components of the vehicle. They help remove or attach wires to any element easily and quickly. One connector can connect up to 100 wires. Nowadays, connectors are waterproof, corrosion-proof, and offer good electrical connections for the …

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Wire Harness Design Guidelines: What to consider

Wire Harness Design Guidelines

Most electrical systems cannot function without a wiring harness. Therefore, you must carefully consider several things when designing the wire harness. For example, rather than individually installing each wire, cable, and subassembly, the saddle consolidates them into a single unit for the OEM or installer to handle. A wire harness also helps the finished assembly …

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