Jumper Cables: Bring Your Car Battery Back to Life

Jumper Cables

Whether it is cold weather, or an old or malfunctioning battery, it all can cause your battery to die. However, as long as your battery is not dead, a jumpstart with jumper cables may be all to get your car running again or at least help you take it to the mechanics. Let’s dig in …

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Welding Cables: A Strong Cable for Multiple Purposes

Welding Cables

As you are working on a project, there are types of areas that require different kinds of wirings. One of them is welding cables that, due to their durable nature, are ideal for many applications other than welding. Let’s dig into the welding cables and how you can use them.  Welding Applications The two most …

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Wire Harness Connector Types: What Are Their Differences

Wire Harness Connector Types

Connectors are a critical component of cars because they form an easy connection between wires and the different electrical components of the vehicle. They help remove or attach wires to any element easily and quickly. One connector can connect up to 100 wires. Nowadays, connectors are waterproof, corrosion-proof, and offer good electrical connections for the …

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Wire Harness Design Guidelines: What to consider

Wire Harness Design Guidelines

Most electrical systems cannot function without a wiring harness. Therefore, you must carefully consider several things when designing the wire harness. For example, rather than individually installing each wire, cable, and subassembly, the saddle consolidates them into a single unit for the OEM or installer to handle. A wire harness also helps the finished assembly …

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MIL-SPEC Connectors: All things you Need to Know About Them

MIL-SPEC Connectors

This post will hopefully clear some of the air surrounding the MIL-SPEC Connectors. Recently, the aftermarket automotive industry has started using Mil-Spec when marketing wiring harnesses connectors. So consumers believe that regular automotive connectors are “MIL-SPEC” because they are marketed and sold.  What are Military (MIL-SPEC) Connectors? You may hear Military Connectors as “MIL-STD” or …

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Wave Polarization: Everything You Need to Know

A radio wave

In many cases where waves come from a natural source, the fields vibrate in different orientations. Therefore, they are considered unpolarized. Nevertheless, for waves from or through a freely polarizing gadget like an antenna is different. The fields move in a specific direction of propagation. Therefore, they are said to be polarized. The wave polarization …

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900 Mhz Interference: What Are the Causes and How to Avoid It?

wireless microphone

Some things create disturbances in electrical circuits quite often. Though several things create this disturbance, RFI and EMI are more common. EMI is electromagnetic Interference, while RFI is Radio Frequency Interference. Everything that uses power can create RFI disturbance. Thankfully, the interference in the wireless microphone system occurs only due to three frequency bands. These …

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FCC 600 MHz: What’s New for Wireless Microphone Systems

cordless radio wireless microphone and transmitter system

Most wireless microphone systems used to be in the TV band spectrum in the US. However, the demand for wireless broadband services was increasing. As a result, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) auctioned a spectrum of broadcast television stations. This spectrum lies in 600MHz frequencies. The broadcast television stations that operate on TV channels 38-51 …

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TVBDs: Everything you need to know

A TV screen

Are you working with a wireless microphone? Therefore, you need to know what TVBDs are and their importance. It can push cordless microphones from ultra-high frequency whitespaces. How? We will equip you with everything you need to know about TVBDs. What is a TV Band Device/White Space Device? A white space device or TV Band …

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