Quad Shield Coaxial Cables: What Are They and Why You Need Them?

Quad Shield Coaxial Cables

Are you an engineer or retailer that’s into HDTV network, digital satellite wiring, or digital CATV? And you love to get the most suitable wiring? Or are you looking for authentic cables that can run for a long distance without having signal breaks? Then, it would help if you considered the quad shield coaxial cables. …

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RF Cable Loss Calculators: Everything You Need to Know

RF cable loss calculators

Coaxial cables play a crucial part in the overall performance of an antenna system. They transfer signals from one point to another, and ideally, they should transmit the same amount of power from one point to another. However, this isn’t the case. In real-world situations, there’s signal loss or attenuation, which affects signal strength. This …

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