Component Kitting: Applications, Challenges, and Benefits


Cable assembly is a critical component when designing an electrical system. For the assembly to be complete, you’ll need different elements that impact the performance. Putting these parts together can be beneficial to your production schedule, especially when sourcing and stocking materials. In other words, you need to use component kitting services.

This article will discuss the electronic component kitting process, the applications, the challenges, and the benefits of these services.

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What Is a Kitting Service?

In manufacturing, component kitting is the pre-packaging of production-ready parts into a single kit to get delivered to your company for assembly. 

If you want to assemble an electric device, a kitting service will make your processes more efficient. A kitting service company handles all the outsourcing, logistics, and warehousing processes and manages all these stages on your behalf while maintaining accuracy.

Caption: Cable Assembly

Application of Component Kitting Services

Kitting service companies deliver a wide range of electrical components such as semiconductors, circuits, and insulators. If your organization needs these parts to assemble an electric device, kitting service companies deliver the parts in one single kit to help reduce the time spent sourcing and storing materials.

Printed Circuit Boards

Instead of assembling every component from scratch, component kitting services deliver made and tested printed circuit boards. It cuts down the time your staff would have used putting together a circuit board. Since they get tested, there’s a higher degree of accuracy, and you can use the products the way you receive them.

Cable Assemblies

Cable assembly is a complex and time-consuming process. For cable assembly and wire harnesses, you’ll need different kinds of components. Therefore, if your company needs these kinds of products, component assembly kitting services help a lot.

Metal Work

If your company specializes in metalwork, you can outsource component kitting services from organizations that deal in metal assembly services. These companies deal in different types of metal components, such as sheet metal and metal hardware.

They can deliver finished sub-assembly or total finished products to make it easier for you to put together the final product. By using these metal fabrication services, you can improve the production efficiency of your company.


There are component kitting companies that deal in pre-packaged fastener components. If you order from these companies, you’ll get fewer errors and make your assembly process much faster.

Fasteners are small in size, making the assembly process more time-consuming. Therefore, kitting services reduce the chances of a missing part and eliminate production delays.

Challenges of Kitting

While kitting is beneficial for many organizations, it also comes with some challenges. Kitting will only work if all the components needed for the kit are available. Therefore, if there are delays from some members in the supply chain, the kitting service companies cannot meet deadlines, which leads to late deliveries.

Problems with inventory management can delay the delivery process, especially if there are component shortages. When this happens, it slows down the efficiency.


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Benefits of Employing Kitting Service

Kitting has become popular among manufacturers for these core benefits.

Inventory Control and Savings

Component kitting is cost-effective and cuts down the time that could have gone to warehousing. Instead of storing different parts that need to be inventoried, all the components are stored as one kit. Your staff doesn’t need to look for details during assembling, and they can use this time for production and administrative tasks.

Organization and Safety

Assemblers and operators can easily access all the extra components they need to put together an electric device. The warehouse staff stores the kits together, which frees up a lot of workspaces and improves the organization of the warehouse or factory. A well-organized warehouse reduces the risk of accidents on the factory floor.

Improving Production

If your company is using component kitting services, it can improve production. It happens because there’s more space at the point of assembly. When you prep the kits well, the assembly process becomes much more manageable. When your functions are efficient, the company productivity increases.


To streamline your assembly process, you need to choose a company with the expertise to handle kitting services. Here at Cloom, we offer a wide range of cable assembly and wire harness services. We assemble, design custom wiring, and deliver component kits to your premises according to your customers’ demands and specific needs.