Custom RF Cable Assemblies

  • Cloom’s broad range of RF cable assemblies offers superior electrical performance, low loss and high frequency. The line includes flexible, semi-rigid, corrugated and hand-formed cable assemblies, as well as RF cable and connector combinations optimized for each market or application. Custom RF cable assemblies are also available.
  • Our line of RF cable assemblies is the first choice for test and laboratory measurements.

Over the years, our technical cable application engineers have built a variety of high-quality cable components.

One of the largest subsets that we build on a regular basis is the RF cable assembly. There are many different types of cable assemblies that can form “RF cable assemblies,” but the most common is a coaxial cable.

Coaxial cables are typical point-to-point components designed to transmit RF signals from one point to another. This may be the connection of SMA male to BNC female or BNC male.

RG 6 Cable

It minimizes static in transmitting satellite and cable signals. Therefore, it maximizes picture quality.

Broadcast and Satellite Cable

Do you need to send HD video and audio? So, this unit is capable of doing that.

50 Ohm Cable

If you need a product that delivers fantastic results at long distances, this is the right choice.

75 Ohm Cable

It’s a perfect solution for high-res projects. Therefore, it can guarantee optimal performance and signal quality.