HDMI Cable To USB C: How To Choose The Best One


Due to increased technological advances, countless large firms opt to use multipurpose USB C ports in their devices, including Samsung, Apple, and others. The ports help to link many peripheral devices like hard drives, chargers, and monitors. It creates a different sphere of connection. Even with the advances in Information Technology, some monitors, projectors, and TVs continue to use old standard ports like HDMI. HDMI cable to USB C converters will be necessary to connect a new device with your video display of choice. 

Even though many of these adapters and cables perform the same function, we ignore a few more minor details that usually exist but play a significant role in creating the difference from the rest. The following guide will provide a list of top choices to help you make an informed decision when purchasing an excellent HDMI to USB C converter.

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USB to HDMI cable Understanding

When selecting a compact USB to HDMI cable, you take connectivity to the next level. Usually, you can use adapters to link portable devices to a TV or screen for a better view. HDMI and USB, especially USB cables, offer universal connection standards which the latest technology employs. 

However, not all adapters are similar; some have longer cables that link the two devices, while others have smaller adapters that allow you to attach an HDMI cable. The additional adapter is the base position for SD cards and USB-A if you need to add extra connections. 

How to Choose an HDMI to USB C Converter?

Some key considerations need your attention before settling on a purchase.

Usb Type

If your device is relatively new, it’ll include a USB-C connection. USB C offers a good experience, and it’s faster. If you want to connect an older device that isn’t compatible, you’ll need to use a converter with a USB 3.0 connector to function.


An HDMI to USB C connector is optional, and you may need a USB hub that incorporates an HDMI port. Your device will receive an HDMI to HDMI link that will pass through the laptop. Use a USB hub to solve the challenges related to the standard converter.


Caption: USB Hub

Refresh Rate

HDMI converters transmit signal content in 4K resolution at 30Hz. The transmission rate is sufficient to guarantee better quality movies and sporting and viewing programs. If you need a resolution of more than 4K or 30Hz, consider buying a cable that can support it. The quality is a combinational effort of the connector and device.


Most HDMI converters and cables perform well and provide better quality services. Nevertheless, with continuous use, they deteriorate faster due to frequent connector inserts and cable bends. Therefore, one must have a durable cable that can withstand daily usage. Consider using nylon braid cables which are durable and have a high connectivity rate.

Top HDMI to USB C Converters

Below is a detailed review of our top choices.

Anker Converter

The Anker converter transfers media or projects to a bigger screen or device with 4K resolutions at 60Hz. It is an excellent solution to connectivity problems and is portable. The converter is easy to install and use. It is compatible with any USB C or HDMI device, like MacBook Pro and IPads. The portability feature is due to the aluminum casing, which also dissipates heat well to prevent overheating, and the cable’s covered with nylon braids, making it more durable. 

QGeeM Converter

QGeeM converter is user-friendly, lighter, non-slip, and easier to install and use. Manufacturers use durable nylon braids to make the QGeeM converter cable. The cable’s aluminum cover provides better heat insulation preventing overheating. 

It is compatible with many devices and offers better signal transmission. It doesn’t require driver installation or software to start working. However, it might only work with some USB connectors.

Uni Converter

The Uni adapter helps you enjoy gaming, movies, and sports on a bigger screen at a higher resolution. It supports HDR and offers a steady signal transfer that gives high-quality pictures. It can link to two HDMI screens with no software requirements. Also providing better transmission due to the 4K resolution. Its sleek design makes it attractive. Manufacturers use nylon braids to make them durable while maintaining portability due to their compact nature. The premium aluminum casing provides good heat dissipation to avoid overheating. The compact design helps it fit tightly into USB C ports and provides a wide compatibility range. However, it’s only compatible with thunderbolt three ports or USB C 3.1.

Upgrow Converter

This cable offers better audio and video quality with a 4K resolution at 30Hz. Perfect for MacBook Pro or MacBook. It has a beautiful compact design, easy to use, and is durable. Its aluminum coat provides heat insulation. Also, the converter fixes well with the USB C port on the device, giving it better signal transmission quality. However, it might not work well with older Samsung Galaxy models.

Tuweja Converter

The Tuweja converter provides users with three essential functions: a USB C charging port, a USB 3.0 port, and an HDMI output port. You can use the three ports at the same time, which saves time and energy. It offers transmission quality signals in 4K resolution at 30Hz.

The USB 3.0 port gives a high data transmission speed of up to 5 Gbps, and it’s compatible with other gadgets like a removable hard drive, USB flash disk, mouse, keyboard, camera, and other USB A 3.0 or USB A 2.0 devices. Any device you may want to use works well with an HDMI port. No need for additional drivers or software for it to function correctly. However, it only works well with phone models compatible with HDMI video output.

Uni USB C to HDMI Cable

The Uni’s 6ft cord is perfect if you need a USB-C to HDMI cable. You don’t need to link from your devices to a screen or a TV.  This cable can deliver a whooping 4k resolution at 30Hz and 2k resolution at 165Hz. To make it more durable, manufacturers use nylon braids. You can use 10- or 15 ft cables if you require longer connections between the devices.

Mokin USB C Hub HDMI Adapter

If you need an adapter with additional ports, the perfect choice is Mokin’s 5-in-1 hub. It can connect your HDMI 2.0 and USB-C devices with up to 4k resolutions at speeds of 30Hz. This adapter has other ports for a TF memory card, two USB-A 3.0 links, and an SD card. It’s the best supplement to your MacBook, which has few contacts and can offer an excellent option for projecting media to a bigger screen.

Syntech USB C to HDMI Cable

Syntech’s USB-C to HDMI cable is among the best selections to provide 4k resolution at speeds of 60Hz. It requires a simple connection to a plug-and-play feature for a compatible laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The adapter is durable as it’s made from nylon braids. 

QGeeM USB C to HDMI Adapter

This kind of adapter is capable of delivering 4k resolution at 30Hz. It’s compatible with the latest devices, including Macbooks, android smartphones, and modern digital devices. It does not require one to install drives for it to function. The adapter has a gold-plated connector with a short cable made from woven nylon, making it durable.


The latest technology has made most devices have universal ports compatible with most HDMI cables and adapters. To select connectors, consider transmission speed, durability, refresh rate, and the type of USB in place. HDMI cable to USB C makes the connection stable and increases connectivity. For all your HDMI cable to USB C needs, Cloom Tech has got you covered.