Is sleeping with AirPods bad:   How This Listening Device Poses Risks During Sleep


People frequently experience insomnia and other disorders that affect their sleep. Varying techniques help with those issues, and one involves wearing AirPods during restless nights. However, anyone partaking in this solution might ask, “is sleeping with AirPods bad?” This article discusses the potential risks and benefits of wearing these headphones as you sleep. So continue reading to learn more!

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Is it a bad idea to sleep with AirPods?

Image showing wireless AirPods. 

Image showing wireless AirPods. 

Wearing AirPods while you sleep can be a good and bad experience. Of course, this depends on how you utilize them in the long run. While they offer a quicker falling asleep method, AirPods also have health risks you must consider.  

Sleep Interruptions

The sounds coming from the AirPods may cause you to experience sleep interruptions. Generally, this makes it difficult to enter deep sleep, causing you to feel drowsy and tired in the morning. 


Wearing AirPods while you sleep may cause necrosis in your ears.

Wearing AirPods while you sleep may cause necrosis in your ears.

Improperly wearing AirPods adds more pressure to the ear canal’s tissues, potentially forming necrosis. This medical condition emerges when an organ does not receive sufficient blood flow, resulting in dead tissue. 


The body cannot push out excess earwax if you wear AirPods for extended periods. Instead, it will cause earwax build-up, which may eventually lead to pain, infection, and hearing loss. Remove the ear wax by cleaning your ears if you plan to wear the AirPods every night.

Otitis Externa

Wearing AirPods for prolonged periods can lead to an ear infection called Otitis Externa. Infected individuals may experience hearing loss, ear fullness, and ear pain. Clean the earbuds with a cotton swab covered in rubbing alcohol before inserting them into your ears.

Less Safe

AirPods also prevent you from catching crucial external noises, like fire alarms. So we recommend wearing one throughout your sleep. 

Lacks Waterproof Resistance

Although Airpods work in rainy environments, they still lack waterproof qualities. If you sweat while asleep, then that could cause hardware issues. Additionally, any present moisture could cause the AirPods to loosen and fall out. 

Advantages of wearing headphones while asleep

AirPods Pro.

AirPods Pro.

Wearing AirPods while sleeping has some encouraging benefits that can improve the user’s well-being, including:

  • Relaxation
  • Improved sleep
  • Keeps external noise away
  • Boost dopamine and serotonin in your brain

How to Prevent AirPods from falling out while sleeping

You can utilize various methods to keep AirPods in your ears while sleeping.

You can utilize various methods to keep AirPods in your ears while sleeping.

AirPods may slip out of your ears during the night. Thankfully, some techniques and simple gimmicks ensure they will stay in place if you toss and turn.

Is sleeping with AirPods bad: Ear Hooks

Example of an ear hook. 

Example of an ear hook. 

You can install long-lasting ear hooks on your AirPods to keep them in place. First, line up the Airpods speaker holes with the ear hook speaker holes. Then, wear the AirPods, placing the hooks around each ear. 

Is sleeping with AirPods bad: Memory Foam Tips

Unfortunately, the silicone tip on the existing AirPods does not fit securely inside the wearer’s ear. Add a memory foam tip, which adapts to the lining of your ear canal, ensuring a more suitable fit.  

Is sleeping with AirPods bad: Waterproof Tape

Lastly, try applying waterproof tape if the Airpods keep falling out. It offers longevity and excellent adhesion, suitable for keeping them in place. Use scissors to cut four strips and place these on the top and bottom of the earbuds. Your AirPods will stay firmly in your ear whenever you wear them and move around!


Is sleeping with AirPods bad: Can AirPods Come Out While You Sleep?

AirPods won’t come out easily due to their comfortable and secure fit. Plus, they don’t have wires, so you won’t accidentally pull them out while sleeping.

Is sleeping with AirPods bad: What Is The Best Volume Setting For Sleep?

Consider setting the volume low (60dB) for a more peaceful sleep. Higher volumes may generate low-quality sound and interrupt sleep, causing you to feel lethargic. 

Is sleeping with AirPods bad: How Long Does The AirPod Battery Last?

The battery lasts four to six hours, depending on the AirPod model. So you will need to recharge it after waking up from a long slumber. Otherwise, the battery will continue running throughout a short nap.


Overall, you can’t go wrong with wearing AirPods overnight. They provide you with many benefits for a peaceful sleep. However, they still pose a few risks, which you can easily fix through regular cleanings.  And who knows? Maybe you will also start having dreams of rocking out at a concert! 

Do you have any questions about wearing AirPods during your sleep? Feel free to contact us!