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LMR Low Loss Coax Cables

  • LMR cables are superior to RG cables in installations, flexibility and low loss performance.
  • LMR RF coax cables are a sophisticated option for high-performance applications in the demanding world of radiofrequency.
  • Using LMR cable assemblies as transmission lines for antennas, transmitters, and receivers on missiles, aeroplanes, ships & satellites.

Produce Unique Prototype

We can ensure that it is functional right out of the gate with your specifications in mind and using our expertise!

Maintain High-Quality Standards

We are committed to ensuring every project is completed under the highest quality standards of UL, 18001, 14001 and IATF 16949.

Routing Tests at our OQC Dept

Our 100% online IEC spot test lab is a cutting-edge facility for all your quality control needs.


About Cloom LMR Low Loss Coax Cables

Cloom LMR Cables are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 0.100 inches (LMR-100) to 1.70 inches (LMR-1700).

We carry all of your favourite LMR cable assemblies with any mating connector you may desire. 

Cloom’s LMR cable assemblies are manufactured from the highest quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet your needs for dependability, durability, and performance in even the most demanding environments.

Flexible Low Loss Coaxial

Lightweight Low Loss Coaxial

Flexible Low Loss Passive Intermod

Low Loss Plenum Rated

Flexible Low Loss Video

High Flex Communications Coaxial

LMR Coaxial Cable Specifications

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LMR Cable (standard) Specifications

  • LMR-100A / LMR100A Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR-195 / LMR195 Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR-200 / LMR200 Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR-240 / LMR240 Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR-300 / LMR300 Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR-400 / LMR400 Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR-500 / LMR500 Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR-600 / LMR600 Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR-900 / LMR900 Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR-1200 / LMR1200 Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR-1700 / LMR1700 Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR-LLPL Low Loss Plenum Specifications

  • LMR-195-LLPL Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR-200-LLPL Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR-240-LLPL Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR- 300-LLPL Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR-400-LLPL Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR-500-LLPL Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR- 600-LLPL Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR-900-LLPL Coax Cable Specs
  • LMR-1200-LLPL Coax Cable Specs
  • TCOM Low Loss Low PIM Coax Specifications

  • TCOM-195 Cable Specs
  • TCOM-200 Cable Specs
  • TCOM-240 Cable Specs
  • TCOM-300 Cable Specs
  • TCOM-400 Cable Specs
  • TCOM-500 Cable Specs
  • TCOM-600 Cable Specs
  • FBT Low Loss High Power Coax Specifications

  • FBT-195 Specs
  • FBT-200 Specs
  • FBT-240 Specs
  • FBT-300 Specs
  • FBT-400 Specs
  • FBT-500 Specs
  • FBT-600 Specs
  • Leaky Feeder Radiating Cable Specifications

  • TRAD-600 Specs
  • TRAD-600-DB Specs
  • TRAD-900 Specs
  • T-RAD Connector Install Procedure
  • LMR Bundled Cables Specifications

  • Bundled Cables
  • Install Tools
  • Ground Kit & End Cap Kit
  • Weather Seal Kit
  • Tech Notes

  • Connector Interface Guide
  • Materials and Equation Legend
  • Design Equations
  • Coax Electrical Properties
  • Dielectric Material Properties
  • Coax Performance Discussion
  • Coax Selection Guide
  • Part Reference Guide
  • LMR-Lite Specifications

  • LMR-LW195 Cable Specs
  • LMR-LW200 Cable Specs
  • LMR-LW240 Cable Specs
  • LMR-LW400 Cable Specs
  • LMR-LW600 Cable Specs
  • LMR-UltraFlex Cable Specifications

  • LMR-195-UF Cable Specs
  • LMR-200-UF Cable Specs
  • LMR-240-UF Cable Specs
  • LMR-300-UF Cable Specs
  • LMR-400-UF Cable Specs
  • LMR-500-UF Cable Specs
  • LMR-600-UF Cable Specs
  • LMR-75 Low Loss 75 Ohm Coax Cable Specifications

  • LMR-200-75 Cable Specs
  • LMR-240-75 Cable Specs
  • LMR-300-75 Cable Specs
  • LMR-400-75 Cable Specs
  • LMR-600-75 Cable Specs
  • LMR Cables Install Tools

    • Crimp and Strip Tools
    • Wrenches, Deburr, Cutter, and Tool Kits

    LMR Hardware Accessories Specifications

  • Hangers Specs
  • Hoisting Grips Specs
  • Weatherproofing Kits Specs
  • Silicone Tape Weather Seal Kit
  • Ground Kits Specs
  • Entry Panels Specs
  • Boot Assembly & Cushion Inserts Specs
  • Engineered Products Specs
  • FlexTech Jumper Assemblies

    • FlexTech

    SilverLine Test Cables Specifications

  • SilverLine Test Cables and Adapters
  • SilverLine-QMA Test Cables and Adapters
  • SilverLine-TG Test Cables
  • Intra-Flex In-box Interconnects
  • Times-Protect Lightning Protection Specifications

  • LP-BTR Series
  • LP-BTR50 Series
  • LP-GTR-D Series
  • LP-GTR-N Series
  • LP-STR-D Series
  • LP-STR-N Series
  • LP-STRL-D Series
  • LP-STRL-N Series
  • Unique Design Features

    LMR cables used unique design features that includes the following

  • The closed-cell, high velocity, and Polyethylene foam dielectric insulator are designed to withstand the harsh climates of extreme environments.
  • The aluminium foil tape shields your electrical wires from weather and moisture, plus it provides excellent shielding >90 dB!
  • The tinned copper outer braid is perfect for grounding and connector retention.
  • With the weather-resistant and UV-protected polyethene outer jacket, it can last for 20 years.
  • LMR cables and RG cables

    LMR cables are an enhanced upgrade for the RG cables

  • The LMR-400 is currently the most compatible with RG213/214.
  • The LMR-195 and its sibling, the LMR 200, are an upgrade for a typical RG58 coax cable.
  • LMR-195 and LMR 200 are an upgrade for a typical RG58 coax cable
  • LMR 240 is a better solution to combat clarity issues than RG 8x.
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