Medical Wiring Harnesses: A Vital Part of All Medical Equipments


Medical wiring harnesses for medical devices play a vital role in the health industry. To ensure the high performance of these devices, they must have wire and cable-based electrical connections.

Medical equipment undergoes a lot of regular maintenance. Let’s take an example of the clinical setting. There are several portable types of equipment with connectors. Every day, staff wind and unwind while using them. Not only this, people step over them accidentally. Sometimes, staff roll over them around wheelchairs and gurneys. In addition to all this, these devices have to face the sterilization process after each patient. 

However, their electrical connections must perform flawlessly. It is essential not only for a patient’s health but also for the overall success of the medical product. 

Now, understanding medical wiring harnesses and custom cable assemblies can save your business product from quality issues. Also, this blog post will go through the different applications of wires and cables in the medical field.

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Medical cable and wire applications

A lot of medical applications use cables and wires in their work. Some of these are:

Medical imaging and diagnostics

The medical industry uses these devices to diagnose and treat patients’ illnesses and injuries. Thus, they must deliver high performance and must work accurately and securely. For ensuring the transmission of sensitive information, you need reliable wiring and electrical connections. The diagnostics and imaging devices include CT scans, PET, MRIs, Ultrasounds, and X-rays.

Laboratory equipment

Lab equipment includes life-support equipment such as cardiopulmonary bypass, ventilators, and dialysis machines. Doctors use them to examine body fluids to understand and treat diseases. One can also track the patient’s vitals using ECG and EEG measurements.

Treatment units and operation tables

Treatment units like medical infusion pumps, LASIK equipment, and surgical lasers need cables and wires for efficient operations. Similarly, an operation table must have reliable wire and cable arrays. Also, they must have a suitable positioning to reach patients during critical procedures.

Medical Wiring Harnesses 1

Image: operation room

Surgical lights

You all know that surgeons need bright light during their operation procedures for efficiency and safety. All these colorful lightings require highly durable and reliable cable & wire assemblies. The electrical connections in lighting must survive temperature and voltage fluctuations.

Surgical robots

The medical industry is also embracing automation. As a result, the use of surgical robots has become quite common. Surgical robots assist medical professionals in performing quick, accurate, safe, and efficient surgeries. Surgical robots are highly technical and complex products that require fast and smooth movements with high precision. All these robots have electrical connections that transmit information to follow instructions. Sensor cables in robots communicate critical information to the system in real-time. These cables must be flexible enough to survive robots’ bending and turning movements during their functioning.

Image: medical robot

Electronically Adjustable Hospital Beds

Nowadays, adjustable hospital beds are widespread. A patient can enter and exit the beds safely and comfortably. The functioning of these beds depends on the electronic controls. Reliable cables and wires in electronic controls ensure their smooth functioning. Also, the wires must have the flexibility to bend with the patient’s movement.

Hospital lighting units

There is a need for specialized and adjustable lighting for hospital applications. For example, there are lights over workstations for reading charts. Doctors also need bright lights at patients’ tables to insert IVs and deliver injections. Further, highly adjustable room lighting can dim to give optimum comfort to the patients. All these lightings need medical cables that come with various designs and fixtures.

PA and Communication systems for staff

There is a dire need for interference-free communication in a health care environment. Reliable communication ensures quick access to emergency medical facilities. Further, only such a system can timely communicate patients’ needs to the concerned medical authorities. For such communications, hospitals must have smooth PA systems. And for establishing such reliable PA systems, medical cables and wiring are a great help. Wires are also used in small devices for direct and one-to-one contact.

Custom Wire Harnesses or Cable Assemblies for Medical Devices

In general, both cable assemblies and wiring harnesses protect and organize the cables and wires. However, a cable assembly and a wire harness differ in some aspects.

A wire harness is more straightforward and less expensive than an over-molded cable assembly. Further, it is a less robust product that best suits light-duty environments. Wiring harnesses have a jacket over them. This jacket comprises thermoplastic materials such as silicone, polyurethane, or polyvinyl chloride. On opening this jacket, you will find organized wires and cables.

On the other hand, over-molded cable assemblies are suitable for heavy-duty applications. A typical outer layer of the cable assembly is heavy-duty materials, such as PVC, thermoplastic elastomer, and low-temp. PE. Wires get protection against moisture and other environmental factors such as temperature, compression, and friction. As a result, they can easily withstand the harsh demands of hectic emergency departments. Beneath the outer layer of a cable assembly, you will find connectors, cables, and wires.

Image: medical equipment in ICU

Image: medical equipment in ICU



When medical cables and wires are crucial for medical equipment, it becomes essential to pick only the best. Finding a high-quality wire harness assembly can be a challenge with so much competition in the market. If you are looking for one, we can help you. Contact our experts to know more about medical cable assembly solutions. We also provide custom medical options.