Mini Coaxial Cable

  • Miniature or mini coax cables are miniature coaxial cables with an outer diameter of about 0.20mm and can transmit a large number of signals with minimal interference.
  • The Mini Coaxial cables help meet the intricate demands of various industries, such as medicine, these coax cables are highly customizable with different center conductors, dielectric, jacket, and shielding materials.

Daburn miniature and sub-miniature coaxial cables are ultra-flexible and miniature in size.

Description: High strand count very flexible bare copper inner conductor with 005″ to .008″ natural polypropylene insulation for very good dielectric properties. A 44 AWG braided tinned copper shield with 90% minimum coverage. A .010″ to .012” white PVC jacket overall.

Max. Operating. Voltage: AWGs 26 & 28 450V RMS, AWGs 30 – 38 300V RMS.

Operating. Temperature: -35°C to +75°C

Dielectric Strength: AWGs 26 & 28 1.6KV RMS, AWGs 30 – 38 1KV RMS.

Conductors Materials available include bare copper, plated copper, and high-strength alloy all stranded for better flexibility.
Available in sizes ranging from 24-32 AWG for miniature, 34-44 AWG for micro-miniature, and 46-50 AWG for ultra micro-miniature
DielectricYour temperature, electrical, and size needs determine the material you should use. They include Polypropylene, FEP, PFA, ETFE, NEWcel®
ShieldShielding materials can be braided, spiral or aluminum foil, or a combination of all three, that offers 90 percent less coverage.
JacketThe jacketing materials used are highly dependent on the application.

Attenuation per 100 feet at these frequencies