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RF Coaxial Cable

  • Coaxial cable, also called coax cable, is known as an electrical cable to transmit radio frequency signals from one point to another.
  • The first coaxial cables were patented in the early 20th century and their durable nature made them a perfect choice for connecting antenna stations to homes. Also, The ease of installation has made these cables popular with businesses.
  • Coaxial cables are designed with a center conductor( a copper wire that electrical signals travels through), an insulation layer (a dielectric that provides insulation), a braided copper mesh to (the Outer conductor that shields it from electromagnetic interference), and the external layer (a plastic coating which protects it from damage)
  • The benefits of using high-quality materials: it is durable and reaches a much higher transmission speed of 10Mbps (megabits per second).


RF coaxial cable are easy to install, very durable, and inexpensive


RF coaxial cable offer good resistance to electromagnetic interference


RF coaxial cable also perform very well over short distances such as home installations


Know About Cloom RF Coaxial Cable Types

Cloom provides customers with high quality RF cables while also being mindful of safety standards such as RoHS certification plus REACH compliance.

Customized RF cable assemblies are available with a variety of options, such as standard coaxial cables or other variations.
Our standard coax products include bulk cable – low loss, RG series, and low PIM. All are available on a reel or by the foot.
Coax cable is available in a range of impedance designs — 50 Ohm, 52 Ohm, 53 Ohm, 75 Ohm, 93 Ohm, or 95 Ohm impedance designs.

Coax cables are available in three types of shielding: single, double, or triple.

The RF cables that you need for your project can be found as corrugated, flexible formable, or semi-rigid versions.

A range of core dielectric materials provides a wide range of characteristics depending on your application needs: air/FEP, FEP, Foam PE, PE (A), PE (AS), PE (F), PE (S), PTFE, PTFE (LD), or PTFE (S).
We have a variety of coaxial connectors to fit any cable type, including BNC, SMA, TNC, F Series, RCA, SMB, MCX, MC-Card, and N Series. Also, there’s plenty to choose from, including crimp, clamp-style, and twist-on styles.

Our coaxial products are available in many different lengths and offer a range of applications.

Our ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturing facility has been providing our customers a complete line of coax assemblies.
With a no minimum order quantity as low as one and fast turnaround times, our custom manufacturing can be the ideal solution for your next project.

Our Products

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RG 6 Cable

It minimizes static in transmitting satellite and cable signals. Therefore, it maximizes picture quality.

Broadcast and Satellite Cable

Do you need to send HD video and audio? So, this unit is capable of doing that.

50 Ohm Cable

If you need a product that delivers fantastic results at long distances, this is the right choice.

75 Ohm Cable

It’s a perfect solution for high-res projects. Therefore, it can guarantee optimal performance and signal quality.

Our Capacities

If you are thinking of getting rf coaxial cables 

Coaxial cable type
Outside diameter
Shielding construction
Maximum Attenuation dB/100 ft
4.95mm / 0.195″
Single Braid
6.15mm / 0.242″
Single Braid
6.90mm / 0.275″
Double and Quad Braid
6.15mm / 0.242″
Single Braid
10.30mm / 0.405″
Double, Triple and Quad Braid
14.10mm / 0.555″
Single Braid
10.30mm / 0.405″
Single Braid

Low Loss LMR Coax types

The LMR Series is a 50-ohm coaxial cable with high-quality PE insulation.

Coax type shielding Loss in db per 100 feet at… Attention
30MHz 146MHz 446HMz
LMR 400 90db 0.7 1.5 2.7 LMR 400 is an upgrade of RG 8.
LMR 100A 90db 3.9 8.8 15.6 LMR 100A is an upgrade of RG 174.
LMR 190 90db 2.0 4.4 7.7 LMR 190 and 200 are an upgrade of RG 58.
LMR 200 90db 1.8 3.9 6.9
LMR 240 90db 1.3 3.0 5.2 LMR 240 is an upgrade of RG 8X.
LMR 600 90db 0.42 0.95 1.7 LMR 600 and 900 are low loss coax cables for long run.

Common Types of Coax Connectors

Make sure the hole of a female connector on one end of your cable matches with the protruding pin of a male connector on another!

BNC Connector
TNC Connector
SMB Connectors
7/16 DIN Connector
MCX Connector
RCA Connectors

Low PIM Connectors are Now Available from Cloom

Low passive intermodulation (PIM) connector series offers a variety of advantages for custom-length coaxial jumper cables. This versatile product line allows field installations with an outstanding electrical and RF performance.
  • Connector low PIM levels of < -160 dBc
  • Low VSWR levels up to 3GHz
  • Low PIM 7/16 DIN and Type N connectors available
  • Plated with tri-metal Albaloy coating
  • Can be used to build custom assemblies

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