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RG Coax Cables

  • Each RG number represents a different type of cable that can be used for specific purposes.
  • The thinner the conductor core, the higher your RG number.
  • For example, an RG-59 is typically made with smaller diameters and has to shield and jacket, which makes it great for use in video installations.


RF coaxial cable is easy to install, very durable, and inexpensive


RF coaxial cable offers good resistance to electromagnetic interference


RF coaxial cable also perform very well over short distances such as home installations


About Cloom RG Coax Cables

Cloom’s wide catalogue of RG coax cables is designed to meet your needs and challenges of the industry today.

By combining our unique dielectric expertise with cutting-edge materials, we deliver flexible designs that can be routed longer distances for improved performance in modern technology.

We can accommodate your needs with F-type connectors and N-Type coaxial connectors. In addition to these two types, we also offer TNCs as well as SMAs!

Also, your cables are just the right size to make installation a breeze.

Our high-speed cables can deliver a flawless performance in the most difficult conditions.


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RG4 50.0 5.74 0.66 Braid shield
RG5/U 52.5 8.4 0.66 1.0 3.8 Braid shield
RG6A/U 75 8.4 0.66 1.0 3.7 Braid shield
RG9/U 51.0 10.7 0.66 0.66 2.4 Braid shield
RG10A/U 50 12.1 0.66 0.66 2.6 Braid shield
RG11A/U 75 10.3 0.66 0.76 2.6 Braid shield
RG12A/U 75 12.1 0.66 0.76 2.6 Braid shield
RG20A/U 50 30.4 0.66 0.22 1.2
RG22 95 10.7 0.66 0.75 1.5 Braid shield
RG23 125 24.0 0.66 0.52 2.0 Braid shield
RG24 125 25.5 0.66 0.52 2.0 Braid shield
RG34 75 16.0 0.66 0.46 1.8 Braid shield
RG58C/U 50 5.0 0.66 1.8 7.6 Braid shield
RG59B/U 75 6.1 0.66 1.2 4.6 Braid shield
RG62A/U 93 6.1 0.84 0.9 2.8 Braid shield
RG63 125 10.3 0.6 2.1 Braid shield
RG79 125 12.1 0.6 2.1 Braid shield
RG108 78 6.0 1.1 3.8 Braid shield
RG111 95 12.1 0.75 2.6 Braid shield
RG114 185 10.3 1.1 3.8 Braid shield
RG119 50 11.8 0.5 1.8 Braid shield
RG120 50 13.3 0.5 1.8 Braid shield
RG122 50 4.1 1.7 5.5 Braid shield
RG213/U 50 10.3 0.66 0.62 2.6 Braid shield, polythene dielectric
RG214/U 50 10.8 0.66 0.76 2.9 Double screened braid, silver plated copper wire
RG223/U 50 5.5 0.66 1.58 5.4 Double screened braid shield

RG 6 Cable

It minimizes static in transmitting satellite and cable signals. Therefore, it maximizes picture quality.

RG 8 Cable

Do you need to send HD video and audio? So, this unit is capable of doing that.

RG 58 Cable

If you need a product that delivers fantastic results at long distances, this is the right choice.

RG 11 Cable

It’s a perfect solution for high-res projects. Therefore, it can guarantee optimal performance and signal quality.

Frequently Asked

Questions about RG Coax Cables

1. What are coaxial cables?

Coaxial cables, also called RF cables or coax cables, are a type of cable used by cable operators, telephone companies, and internet providers to convey radio frequency signals.

They have two conductors, one surrounded by the other and separated with an insulator to keep them apart. The inner pieces of the cable are wrapped together with a metallic shield and synthetic outer jacket.

This makes coaxial cables very helpful when it comes to high-frequency signal transmission in commercial radio, broadband Ethernet, and cable television because they help cut back on interference in radio and television programs as well as being good at transmitting broadband internet from point A to B much quicker than wireless signals!

2. What is RG when discussing coaxial cables?

The Radio Guide (RG) is an origina specification for coaxial cables to distinguish between different sizes. The numbers are an indicator of size. Higher RG numbers typically have a smaller central conductor than lower ones.

Coaxial cables are often called RG numbers because they identify the shielding type, jacket type, and dielectric types of coax cable. In this case for example in the designation RG#/U with U indicating general utility use--each type of coax cable can be further specified by adding a number to designate distinct characteristics or specifications.

3. How to look for proper RG Cables?

RG Cable specifications can be tricky, but the best way to select a cable is by first finding out what frequency you want it for. Once that's figured out, compare cable specifications and find one with everything you need!

When it comes to two main types of coaxial cable, 50-Ohm cables are used for data and wireless communications while the 75 Ohm cable is better for video signals. The reason? Ohm is the measure of resistance. With a cable rated at 50 ohms, there will be less resistance when sending electrical energy through the wire so you can get more of that sweet juice flowing!

4. What are RG Cable Characteristics?

RG cables are the most common type of coaxial cable and each RG cable type offers a variety of capabilities. For example:

  • RG6 cable is the industry standard for cable and satellite signal transmission. The larger conductors ensure better signal quality. Also, RG6 has thicker dielectric insulation made with different shielding which makes it capable of handling GHz level signals without degrading the product's performance in any way! What great applications does this versatile wire have? It can be bent for residential installations within the ceiling or wall, such as televisions, home entertainment systems, and even smart TVs!
  • RG11 cable is a thick, inflexible cable that allows for minimal signal loss in long runs in outdoor applications and underground applications. It's heavy and harder to work with than other types of cables, but this thickness also means it has more space for signals to transfer which makes RG-11 cable a common application, especially when it comes to high definition television sets, where the image needs to be absolutely perfect.
  • RG59 cable is a popular cable, often used in residential settings. It is similar to RG6 but has an even thinner center conductor than RG6 does and is ideal for short runs or low-frequency transmissions within the home. It works well with CCTV systems applications while other types of cables are better suited to higher frequencies or longer distances.

5. Are RG Coaxial Cables low-loss?

No. Low-loss coaxial cables are a more advanced version of the standard RG style cable. Low-loss cables have better shielding and solid center conductor than regular RG type cable, which makes it offer lower attenuation rates and have less loss in performance when used on long distances.

Low-loss cables are often used in wireless system installations, especially for antenna to radio setups.

These low-loss cable connections have series numbers that correspond with the diameter of each respective wire. For example, 200-series cable is usually a rough approximation of 0.3mm or less and 350-series cable corresponds with an approximate size of 1mm or more.

Given the distance of your antenna from your radio, is there an optimal product number for you? Higher series numbers are made more appropriate in situations where one has to install a permanent antenna. Lower numbered cables work best when someone chooses not to have their primary installation be at a great distance and they want something that's lighter weight.

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