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Semi-Rigid Coax

  • The increased phase stability and lower insertion loss of the semi-rigid coax make it a popular choice among professionals.
  • The best electrical isolation and lower noise levels are in rigid coax when compared to flexible.
  • It’s flexible enough to keep intricate cables in place, which is perfect for any professional setting.
  • Semi-rigid is very durable and can survive the harsh shock and vibration environments.
  • It can withstand extreme temperature changes depending on the dielectric.

Produce Unique Prototype

We create a one-of-a-kind prototype for you to meet your specifications.

Maintain High-Quality Standards

We are always diligent about meeting the UL, 18001, 14001, and IATF16949 standards.

Routing Tests at our OQC Dept

We carry out 100 percent online and IEC spotting testing at our OQC Dept.


About Cloom Semi-Rigid Coax

Our semi-rigid cables are available in different resistances, such as 10 Ohm, 17 Ohm, 25 Ohm, and 50 ohms (ohms) with solid PTFE, low-density PTFE (LD PTFE), or FEP dielectric.

The diameters available are as follows: .031 inch, .034 inch, and so on. They come in aluminum or steel outer conductor options which can be tinned copper (which is a bright yellow), silver plated over copper (a shiny gray color), or stainless steel with a bare metal finish.

Two types of center conductors are offered, which are silver-plated copper (SPC) easier bending or silver-plated copper-clad steel (SPCW) for high vibration applications.

All raw semi-rigid coax types are sold in straight sections, depending on the diameter. Different diameters will have different length options for your cable needs. Check out our individual page to see what lengths we offer!

Semi-rigid and Formable Coax Cable

Semi-rigid cable is a coaxial form with an outer copper sheath.

This type of cable offers superior screening compared to cables with braided conductors, especially at higher frequencies.

The major disadvantage is that the hardline cable isn’t very flexible and can’t be flexed after initial forming;

it’s only meant for stationary use in this way, as its name implies!

The formable cable, sometimes referred to as flexible coaxial cables, is the perfect alternative for semi-rigid assemblies.

This type of wiring is known for its flexibility and ability to be stripped by hand without needing special tools like a knife or scissors.

In addition, it’s ideal when designing pre-bent semi-rigid assemblies that need some final touch-ups before installation because you can lay out your wires with ease!

.085 and .141, 50 Ohm Coax

The cables allow for the wiring of devices, and a wide range of connectors are available.

Part Number Impedance (Ω) Diameter (in.) Outer Conductor Center Conductor Dielectric
CLOOM-050-085-CUSP-L  50  .085  Bare Copper SPC  LD PTFE
CLOOM-050-085-CUSW-P 50  .085 Bare Copper SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-050-085-SPSP-L 50 .085  Silver Plated Copper SPC  LD PTFE
CLOOM-050-085-SPSW-P 50 .085  Silver Plated Copper SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-050-085-SSSW-P 50 .085  Stainless Steel SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-050-085-TASP-L 50 .085 Tin Plated Aluminum SPC  LD PTFE
CLOOM-050-085-TASW-P 50 .085 Tin Plated Aluminum SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-050-085-TPSP-L 50 .085 Tin Plated Copper SPC  LD PTFE
CLOOM-050-085-TPSW-P 50 .085 Tin Plated Copper SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-050-141-CUSP-L 50 .141 Bare Copper SPC  LD PTFE
CLOOM-050-141-CUSW-P 50 .141 Bare Copper SPCW  PTFE
CLOOM-050-141-SPSP-L 50 .141 Silver Plated Copper SPC  LD PTFE
CLOOM-050-141-SPSW-P 50 .141 Silver Plated Copper SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-050-141-SSSW-P 50 .141  Stainless Steel SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-050-141-TASP-L 50 .141 Tin Plated Aluminum SPC  LD PTFE
CLOOM-050-141-TASW-P 50 .141 Tin Plated Aluminum SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-050-141-TPSP-L 50 .141 Tin Plated Copper SPC  LD PTFE
CLOOM-050-141-TPSW-P 50 .141 Tin Plated Copper SPCW PTFE

More 50 Ohm Coax Diameters

These higher frequency applications, such as 60 GHz, require smaller diameter coax cables with higher cutoff frequencies.

Our ISO 9001:2008 registered facility offers quick and affordable shipping of 50 Ohm semi-rigid coax RF cables. They are RoHS, REACH compliant, and come with a deep inventory for convenience.

Part Number Impedance (Ω) Diameter (in.) Outer Conductor Center Conductor Dielectric
CLOOM-050-031-CUSP-L  50 .031 Bare Copper SPC  LD PTFE
CLOOM-050-031-TPSP-L 50 .031 Tin Plated Copper SPC  LD PTFE
CLOOM-050-034-CUSW-P 50 .034 Bare Copper SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-050-034-SPSW-P 50 .034 Silver Plated Copper SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-050-034-TPSW-P 50 .034 Tin Plated Copper SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-050-047-CUSW-P 50 .047 Bare Copper SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-050-047-SPSW-P 50 .047 Silver Plated Copper SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-050-047-SSSW-P 50 .047 Stainless Steel SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-050-047-TASP-L 50 .047 Tin Plated Aluminum SPC  LD PTFE
CLOOM-050-047-TASW-P 50 .047 Tin Plated Aluminum SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-050-047-TPSW-P 50 .047 Tin Plated Copper SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-050-070-CUSP-P 50 .070 Bare Copper SPC PTFE
CLOOM-050-070-SPSP-P 50 .070 Silver Plated Copper SPC PTFE
CLOOM-050-118-CUSW-L 50 .118 Bare Copper SPCW  LD PTFE
CLOOM-050-118-SPSW-L 50 .118 Silver Plated Copper SPCW  LD PTFE
CLOOM-050-118-TPSW-L 50 .118 Tin Plated Copper SPCW  LD PTFE
CLOOM-050-250-CUSP-P 50 .250 Bare Copper SPC PTFE
CLOOM-050-250-SPSP-P 50 .250 Silver Plated Copper SPC PTFE
CLOOM-050-250-TASP-P 50 .250 Tin Plated Aluminum SPC PTFE
CLOOM-050-250-TPSP-P 50 .250 Tin Plated Copper SPC PTFE

Other Impedance Coax

Baluns and transformers are items that we see often in the world of radio frequency amplifiers. However, they require special coaxial cable to make them work correctly- other semi-rigid cables will not suffice!

Part Number Impedance (Ω) Diameter (in.) Outer Conductor Center Conductor Dielectric
CLOOM-010-034-CUSP-F 10 .034 Bare Copper SPC FEP
CLOOM-010-043-SPSP-F 10 .043 Silver Plated Copper SPC FEP
CLOOM-010-070-CUSP-F 10 .070 Bare Copper SPC FEP
CLOOM-010-070-SPSP-F 10 .070 Silver Plated Copper SPC FEP
CLOOM-017-034-CUSP-P 17 .034 Bare Copper SPC PTFE
CLOOM-025-034-CUSW-P 25 .034 Bare Copper SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-025-070-CUSP-F 25 .070 Bare Copper SPC FEP
CLOOM-025-070-SPSP-F 25 .070 Silver Plated Copper SPC FEP
CLOOM-025-070-TPSP-F 25 .070 Tin Plated Copper SPC FEP
CLOOM-025-090-CUSP-P 25 .090 Bare Copper SPC PTFE
CLOOM-025-125-CUSP-P 25 .125 Bare Copper SPC PTFE
CLOOM-075-085-CUSW-P 75 .085 Bare Copper SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-075-090-CUSP-F 75 .090 Bare Copper SPC FEP
CLOOM-075-141-CUSW-P 75 .141 Bare Copper SPCW PTFE
CLOOM-093-130-CUSW-P 93 .130 Bare Copper SPCW PTFE

Semi-rigid cable assembly

We provide complete semi-rigid cable assemblies

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