Can You Connect An Ethernet Cable To A Wifi Extender?


Can You Connect An Ethernet Cable To A wifi Extender? You will need a wifi extender if you live in a large home or have extensive office space, and the router you purchased cannot reach everywhere. 

In addition, those with an ethernet cable can also have internet in different areas of their home. However, the cables need to be within 90 meters of the router.

Surpassing such lengths will require the use of a wifi extender. But how do you use it, and can you connect an ethernet cable to a wifi extender? Let’s find out the answer.

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What Is a wifi Extender?

A wifi extender is simply a device that helps to extend the wireless network coverage of a particular area.

You can place it where you think the signal is weak, but you must ensure it is between the router and your standalone device, like your smartphone.

The basic concept behind extenders is really simple. You connect the device and the wifi router to the extender via Ethernet or wifi.

Once you do this, it will retransmit the wifi signal from your router into the previously inaccessible area. In another word, when you are in these areas, you will not be communicating with your primary router, but rather the range extender will serve as the go-between. 

So, with all that, it is fair to say that the primary role of a wifi extender is to boost the range of your router so that it can rebroadcast the wireless signal without forcing you to make any modifications. 

A Wi-Fi extender

A wifi extender

Can you connect an ethernet cable to a wifi extender

Individuals can connect an ethernet cable to most of the wifi extenders available because most have at least one ethernet port.

Normally you can use the port found on the wifi extender in a couple of ways, either connecting the wifi extender to a router or connecting it to local devices, such as gaming consoles, printers, or laptops.

You only have one option if your wifi extender has a single ethernet port. However, if yours has more than one, you will be able to connect it to the router, as well as nearby devices.

Plugging an Ethernet cable into a Wi-Fi extender

Plugging an Ethernet cable into a wifi extender

Advantages of Connecting The wifi Extender to an Ethernet

Connecting a wifi extender directly to the router using an ethernet cable provides many advantages over wireless pairing for signal transmission. Some of these include the following:

More Bandwidth

Anyone using a wire connection will receive higher bandwidth than that received by using a wifi connection.

Users can also take complete advantage of their current internet package, which is very good if you use bandwidth-intensive gaming or streaming applications. 

Stable Connection

Wired connections are more stable than their wireless counterparts, susceptible to obstacles such as walls, furniture, or distance.

For instance, using ethernet typically means having less lag and latency, which allows users to experience better performance during online meetings or when playing multiplayer games.

Therefore, if you experience issues with the wifi connection, connecting an extender using ethernet will provide a reliable connection through its more extensive range. 

Easy management

In addition, connecting the extender to the router using ethernet typically means having a single network, which eliminates the problem of switching between networks when moving around your home, unlike with secondary networks.

On the other hand, a wifi connection leads to the creation of secondary networks in most cases, forcing users to switch networks when they move around the house on their wireless devices. 

Connecting to a Wi-Fi extender Wirelessly 

Connecting to a wifi extender Wirelessly 

Alternatives to wifi Extenders

There are several good alternatives, as well as bad alternatives to wifi extenders.

Mesh Network

A mesh network differs from an extender because the whole network depends on the primary router’s signal. It has the main node, primary router, satellites, and other nodes throughout the home. 

The nodes are designed to communicate with each other simultaneously, and the user gets the same network in all areas.

Users also don’t have to rename each node separately; they don’t need different IP addresses because satellites emit the same network.

It is also important to point out that in a ‘concrete all round’ situation, a Mesh wifi won’t do you much good, and having a wifi extender will be even less helpful. 

More Than One Router

Installing several routers is affordable because people tend to have an old router lying around in their households, which can be utilized. Nonetheless, the setup is usually a tricky affair. 


Users looking for a reliable and stable hard-wired connection should consider MoCA, despite it being in the market for a long time. It is a router technology that uses coaxial cables that can handle a large data transfer load, just like the ones used to connect your TV to cables.

Adapters like the Actiontec ones found on Amazon can directly connect to your router using the wires already placed on your wall. 

Ethernet Cable

A wired ethernet and a wifi extender are great for internet connection whenever possible.

There is also no denying that a wifi extender is an effective way to extend or boost your internet connection to reach where you want it to.

Nonetheless, a wired ethernet connection is still better than a wifi frequency. They provide a stable internet connection to your desired space.   

Wifi Repeater

People often confuse wifi repeater with a wifi extender because it works the same way as the extender, picking up your existing wifi signal and rebroadcasting or transmitting it. 

However, a wifi repeater still requires a strong signal for it to be able to repeat, which means that the further away it is from your router, the weaker the signal will be that it is trying to transmit, leading to poor internet speeds.

In certain situations, the connectivity rates can be reduced by as much as half.

Another thing you have to remember is that not all wifi repeaters are the same.

In most cases, good repeaters will have more than one antenna accompanied by the necessary tech to transmit and listen simultaneously. At the same time, their cheap counter transmits, and listening to their performance simultaneously is terrible. 

Standalone wifi Access Points

This technique is often used in the most challenging scenarios, such as commercial structures like hotels that have their rooms separated by cinder blocks. However, it will require a bit of research and some tools. 

It works because you need another access point besides your primary wifi router to make your remote dead zones usable. 

Twin Routers

Caption: Twin Routers


Connecting an ethernet cable to most wifi extenders is possible in a wifi situation. Through that, you can enjoy the wide-range internet reliably. For any further questions, feel free to visit Cloom Tech.