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After ten solid years of experience in the custom wiring loom field, we have gotten the exact solution required for you—our customers—to meet your business needs and become successful.

At Cloom, we make it possible for you to optimize and produce your dedicated wiring harness & cables with sturdy parts. We also ensure that all your goods pass through strict process management. That way, it’s easier to team up with you to help grow your business rapidly.

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RF Cables

RF Cables: All You Need to Know

Think of your TV for a second. How do you think the data gets to your TV set? The answer is RF Cables. So, by definition, RF cables are a

Mini Coaxial Cables

Mini Coaxial Cables: An introduction

With the ever-growing technology advancement, more and more events in our daily lives call for small materials to work. This is where mini coaxial cables come into play.  For example,

Coaxial Cables

Coaxial Cables: Everything You Need to Know

Most people have interacted with coaxial cables at some point even though many may not realize it. Improving your understanding of coaxial cables will be helpful to you. This guide

Connector Series
How to

Connector Series: How to Choose the Best Fit?

The connector series is complex, and you must differentiate between them before choosing among them. When creating a wire harness, it is essential to think about what type of connector

PCB Clone

PCB Clone: Duplicating Your Circuit Board

Sometimes your circuit board may require a new design or modifications, achieved through new PCB developments. Luckily, the electronic industry utilizes advanced technology to perform this process, relying on reverse

Plenum vs Riser Cable
How to

Plenum vs Riser Cable: Which One to Choose

The NEC (National Electrical Code) gives different ratings to cables based on their usage. And businesses must consider these ratings when installing new lines or hiring a cabling contractor. Examples


THHN Wire: Why Is It So Common Around Us?

When building a new facility, you have to lay down the wiring to make connections. Since the whole functioning depends on your decisions, choosing the specific wiring type is not

Shielded Wire vs Unshielded

Shielded Wire vs Unshielded: How to Choose

When you update or install your network infrastructure, you must consider different network patch cable types. There are two main types: twisted and untwisted pairs. In twisted pairs, two conductors