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  • Cloom offers top-quality coaxial cables for various applications. So, you can pick from different armoring and shielding options to fit your project.

  • From CATV and Satellite to Wireless networks, our portfolio ensures your equipment’s performance exceeds all expectations!


We are a factory that offers the best combination of durable materials, top-quality products, and affordable price. Our customized service and fast delivery times guarantee you’ll get best value for money with our cables!

Attention to detail

We start by listening to the client’s requirements carefully. Our team makes sure to handle every detail in accordance with their instructions.


We combine skillful staff, premium machinery, and durable materials. Therefore, our products are of the highest quality.

Customized orders

Our team tailors every order to your project. Therefore, our coaxial cable delivery will surely fit your application.

Skills and training

We've spent years working on hundreds of cable projects. So, you can trust us, and we'll deliver a solution that meets your needs.

Quality control

We make sure that there’s no mistake in the production process. Furthermore, all cables meet RoHS, UL, and other industry standards.

A strong sales team

We gather a team of experienced and skillful experts. They provide additional resources customers might require to maximize efficiency of their projects.

Know Who We Are

About our company

Cloom is a subsidiary of OurPCB Co. Ltd. We’re also one of the best cable assembly and wire harness companies in China. So, we handle electronic wiring harness, signal wiring harness, automobile wiring harness, power cables, and many others. We don’t only run wire harness production; we also assemble, design custom wiring, and provide an efficient delivery route.
We also supply and distribute custom cable assembling and wire harness that turns your tailored design into a workable harness that meets your customers’ demands. So, we ensure to meet your specific needs—whether you’re a contract manufacturer, integrator, reseller, or installer in any industry.

I have received an shipment of the cables that was supplied (p/o : 5130903714 ) I would like to say thanks you , to you and your staff ( factory ) well done .




We provide coaxial cable service

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Arthur CEO

I have received an shipment of the cables that was supplied (p/o : 5130903714 ) I would like to say thanks you , to you and your staff ( factory ) well done . I am very happy with the quality of the work, ( C ) Regards, Arthur


Thank you very much for your hot support and efforts for our parts supply. We received your DC cables with thanks a lot. All parts passed inspection successfully!

Martin Hrehor
Martin Hrehor Director & Lead Engineer

I just received the cables. Once again, we are very pleased with the results. We are also looking forward to further cooperation in the future. Please take care.


I could not ask for anything better in terms of quality since everything arrived in perfect condition. Thank you very much and I look forward to future projects with Cloom Tech. Thanks again for Cloom Tech's hard work in making this project a success.

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