Singlemode fiber types: Ultimate Guide to Differ Them Apart

Singlemode fiber types

Fiber optic cables come in different types according to their application. But when it comes to their transmission mode, the categorization is clear: multimode or singlemode. Although multimode fiber optic types are well known and easy to differentiate, Singlemode fiber types are a bit trickier. Nevertheless, everything counts from the discussion.   1. How to Tell … Read more

XGS-PON: The PON Bringing Unprecedented Power to FTTH Nets


Thanks to 4K TV and OTT video, the need for higher capacity bandwidth has compelled network operators to place 10G GPON standards on their agenda. Hence, starting with XG-PON, the industry is now looking at XGS-PON as the next step in the construction of high-capacity networks. In this regard, let’s see how XGS-PON satisfies the … Read more

NG PON 2: A Passive Optical Networks’ Guide for Newcomers


In the 1990s, working with telecommunication was completely different than it is today. Hardlines were the latest technology around and made everything possible despite its high price and maintenance.  Thankfully, fiber optic is here to help us solve many issues in a blink of an eye. It provides a cheaper, more sustainable, and efficient way … Read more

Cable Trap: Everything You Should Know About It Revealed!

A coaxial cable in white color

Are you an amateur radio enthusiast or planning to become one? If the answer is yes, you’ll need to know more about cable trap.  This detailed guide will reveal everything you should know about a coaxial trap and its use. Therefore, you’ll learn more about trap design and how to assemble it properly. Once we … Read more

Microducting: Must-Know Things for Newcomers

Working with fiber optic cables and installing them requires knowledge, skills, and a bit of common sense. So, knowing how deep to bury a wire and how to do it the proper way is crucial to avoid troubles in the future. Thankfully, microducting is one of the ways to do this safely, because it provides … Read more

Compression Tool: How to Use it to Install Cable Connectors

Compression tool

Properly installing connectors onto a coax cable is the best way to ensure the best performance. What’s worse incorrectly installed connectors can lead to a host of problems such as poor signal transmission or even complete signal loss. Besides they can also cause damage to the cable and devices connected to them since they aren’t … Read more

Fiber Network: How Does it Work and What are its Alternatives?

Fiber network

We rely on Internet access at work, home, school, and vacation. But not just any access will do. After all, the faster, the better. High-speed Internet is no longer a good-to-have but a necessity. Without fast connectivity, individuals, families, businesses, and entire communities face significant impediments to fulfilling everyday tasks. Fiber network Is the medium through … Read more

MoCA Amplifier: Everything You Need to Know About

MoCA Amplifier

Over the past few years, the Multimedia over Coaxial Alliance (MoCA amplifier) technology has gained popularity due to its speed, versatility, and reliability. It uses a full mesh P2P network that ensures high signal integrity and consistency. However, to take advantage of the MoCA technology, you will need to use it alongside an amplifier. Now … Read more

UPC Connector: Factors to Consider Before Selecting One

Fiber optic cord cables

When choosing fiber optic cables or UPC connector, you may find different descriptions. And each has its polish types and different performance when you connect them to fiber optic cables.  You need to equip fiber optic cables with suitable connectors when preparing any fiber-related equipment for installation. Thus, you will develop a perfect and praiseworthy … Read more

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