Best .030 Flux Core Wire – Our Comprehensive Guide

Flux Core Wire

If you are ready to accelerate your welding skills to the next level, it’s time to upgrade your best .030 flux core wire. It can be hard to know what size to choose and which product is best, but in this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know to make the right decision. Our …

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Mini Coaxial Cables: An introduction

Mini Coaxial Cables

With the ever-growing technology advancement, more and more events in our daily lives call for small materials to work. This is where mini coaxial cables come into play.  For example, they are in use in the medical, aerospace, work in a house, analyst, defense industries, and more. Here is a basic guide on mini coaxial …

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Choosing The Correct Types Of Coaxial Cable For Your Application

coaxial cable

There are many types of coaxial cable. So how do you choose the best type to use in your project? Electrical performance should be your first consideration. You then need to think about mechanical issues including strength and flexibility. In this article, we introduce different types of coaxial cables classified by their impedance, construction, and …

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SPDIF Coaxial Cable– How SPDIF Coaxial Cables Actually Work

SPDIF Coaxial Cables

When working with audio and digital hi-def systems, having a SPDIF coaxial cable is a must. These cables connect audio consumer equipment like home theatre systems and TVs, allowing them to output audio from one another. Whether you are, this information may come in handy. Learn how spdif coaxial cables work, the interchangeability factor to …

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Low-Pressure Injection Molding: Everything About Its Uses and Benefits

Injection molding machines in a factory

Did you know that low-pressure powder injection molding dates back to the 1970s? It served to make wire strain reliefs. Although the automotive industry first accepted low-pressure molding, it quickly spread to other areas. Today, you’ll find it in wire harnesses, military, and other products. It’s useful for any unit that needs protection from dirt …

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Component Kitting: Applications, Challenges, and Benefits


Cable assembly is a critical component when designing an electrical system. For the assembly to be complete, you’ll need different elements that impact the performance. Putting these parts together can be beneficial to your production schedule, especially when sourcing and stocking materials. In other words, you need to use component kitting services. This article will …

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