Ethernet Cable Blinking Orange: What does the orange light mean?


Ethernet Cable Blinking Orange, In the time of wireless connections, networks still use one cable frequently and that is an Ethernet Cable.

While it may look easy to connect to you, still the lights on its port confuse most people. 

In this article, we will see what the orange light on the Ethernet port means along with the way to fix it in case of any issue. So let’s dig into the details. 

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Role of Ethernet Cable in a Network

Different ethernet cables like Cat5, Cat6, Cat6e, and Cat7 play an important role in connecting across a network. Thus, you can connect the devices like routers, computers, hubs, etc to transmit the data. 

Now, the type of ethernet you will choose will heavily affect the network quality and speed. As you use high-category wire like Cat 6 or 7, it can support high frequencies, data transfer, and performance as compared to Cat5.

The length of these cables can also vary and change the effectiveness of the network.  

What does the orange light on the Ethernet Port indicate?

Orange lights in different ethernet ports can point out different things. Hence, there is no specific meaning for the blinking of this light.

In some models, the orange light can tell you that the internet is slow. While it may be the reason for the blinking orange light, it could also blink because of other reasons that differ with the device model and build. 

Nowadays, modern ports have two types of LEDs, one to tell the connection speed and the other for internet status. They are next to each other horizontally or vertically. 

When you connect the router to the internet, one LED has a still light to show that you have made the connection to the internet.

While the other light will be green when the connection is stable, and orange as the internet speed falls below 100Mbps. 

This may be true for most devices, still, it’s better to consult the user manual to check the meaning of the light.

Ethernet cable inside telephone port

Caption: Green light on the ethernet port

Why does the Ethernet Cable have an orange light blinking?

Here are some reasons why your orange light is blinking.

Loose Ethernet Cable

Usually, when you are connecting the wires, you do not insert them properly in the ethernet port of the device. As you attach it in a hurry, the link might not establish, leaving the orange light blinking.

This insecure end-to-end connection also leads to poor or no signal communication between the devices. Thus, the orange light alarms you that you should check the wires. 

Upon successful insertion, you will hear a sound of click that indicates the ethernet connector is now fully in the port.

Damaged Cable

Twisting an ethernet cable for a longer time and leaving it under severe environmental conditions can lead to a damaged wire. Moreover, the continuous abrasions will also impact the performance of the network connection. 

Hence, when the light is orange, you should check whether the ethernet cable is good to go or not. Also, see if you are using an older cable that was laying in your garage under dust and grime for years. 

If so, it’s good to buy a new one and use it while establishing a network.

Hardware, Software, or Network Problem

Sometimes, your software might not be compatible with running the newest versions of ethernet and cope with its speed. In such cases, look to upgrade the drivers in your router and PC. 

After that, reboot or reconfigure your network settings and if it all goes in vain, then the devices need replacement. 

Security Threat

Orange light may not only blink when there is a problem in the network, but it may also indicate that there is some data transfer happening at that time. Now, it is fine if you are doing it yourself at that moment. 

However, what if you aren’t using the network at all and the router is showing such activity?

This means that your devices are undergoing some kind of security breach, and the network is now compromised. At this point, you have to take immediate action. 

For that, first, check that you have the latest antivirus in your system. With its help, you can monitor the network activity. Also, change the passwords of your devices and network immediately.  

If the problem persists after all the initial steps you took and still no improvement is seen, it’s time to call a professional to identify the cause.

How to fix the orange light on the ethernet port?

The orange light blinking may be an indication of several problems. However, some of them may not be as important as you think and thus, fixing might only be costing you time. 

On the other hand, if it does point out any connectivity problems, here are some things that you can do to correct them. 

Ethernet cable inside telephone port

Caption: Ethernet cable inside telephone port

Check the Wires

This step requires you to check every wire that is involved in making the network. Moreover, do not leave any connectors, adapters, or splitters behind since they may also cause network failure if not connected properly. 

In case of any broken component, replace it immediately with the new one. And if they were making loose links, tighten them up and then see the status of the orange light. 

This inspection makes sure that the internet connection is smooth between all the devices. Hence, it’s better to follow this routine even if there is no orange light for maintenance. 

Reconnect the modem and the router

If double-checking the wires is not working for you, try reconnecting your modem and router again. As these devices are responsible for the durable connection, it is advised to reestablish their connection after some time. 

For that, check the cables for any loose links and see the light status. After reconnection, the network will reset and make a newly synchronized link, resolving all the problems.

Restart the router

Most devices start to work perfectly when you turn it off and then on it. So, restart the router allowing it to make a fresh connection to the ISP and resolve the occurring problem. 

Moreover, you can also reset the entire router settings with the reset button present on it. It will allow you to get better results. 

It’s important to notice that these devices require time to reset. Hence, whenever you are doing so, turn it off and leave it for a few minutes before turning it back on.  

Upgrade the firmware

Upgrading the firmware is another technique to resolve network issues. Since new software comes with bug fixtures and security updates, it resolves the problems. Thus it is better to upgrade the software in your devices whenever possible.

Moreover, turning on the automatic update can also help you a lot. Just you need to be vigilant about the new software releases and you are good to go. 

Contact your Internet Service Provider

If nothing from the above works to resolve your orange light problem, it’s time to call your ISP and ask for an expert. 

The agents have enough knowledge to guide you deeply about the problems their devices might face. Also, they can help you virtually or send a person to repair the system from scratch.

In case of independent hardware purchases, you can contact the manufacturers for problem resolution. 


Blinking orange light can be an indication of a larger problem or nothing. 

So, if you are experiencing a lag in your data transfer, you have to take the steps we mentioned above.

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