How To Connect Two Televisions To One Cable Box


How To Connect Two Televisions To One Cable Box? There are several benefits of connecting multiple televisions to a single cable box. 

Some people want their televisions all over their house because they don’t wish to miss anything wherever they are.

Besides, businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bars, gyms, etc., have multiple televisions.

Adding multiple televisions to a satellite receiver or cable box is neither illegal nor odd. 

It is something you can easily do and transform your TV room into a place of paradise.

So, keep reading to understand how to connect two televisions to one cable box.

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About Cable Boxes

It is illegal to mess with the STBs that you can rent via a company providing the service.

We will only be dealing with the output of this project.

An STB uses a digital encoder and decoder to get signals from the satellite or cable box. It receives satellite signals from the towers or other satellites and then transmits them to the exterior satellite dishes.

The STB will not transmit any signal if you damage or mess up with it. Remember, if you damage the STB, you will be responsible for all the damages. And the repair costs and fines are not worth damaging the signals.

Set-top box

Set-top box

How to prepare for the connection?

First, you need to understand your cable box’s location and where you want your television to be.

The splitters determine the number of televisions you want to connect to your cable box.

You will also require a tape measure to determine the cable length required for this project. 

The type of cable you require is also vital, and you can know it by checking the back of your television.

Types of cable hookups

With the current technology, there are three types of wire hookups, including;

HDMI cables

HDMI wires are the most prevalent type of cable hookups on current televisions.  

You can easily identify an HDMI port at the rear of your TV.

You will require HDMI splitters if the TV connects to your STB through an HDMI wire. The HDMI splitters provide extra cable hookup options by connecting to the output on the rear of your STB.

The splitters options are from 2-16 screen hookups, while HDMI cables come in 5-15 yards.

You can easily find both of them at local or online stores.

Set-top box

HDMI cable

Coaxial output cables

If your television is over a decade old, there is a high probability that the cable hookups use a coaxial wire.

In such a case, you must connect a coaxial splitter to the output at the back of your cable box.

The coaxial splitters come in 2-way or 6-way splitters. So, you can connect 2-6 televisions simultaneously.

However, remember that the length of coaxial output wires can cause lower-quality images the further you go.

Hybrid systems

A hybrid system is where your TV has both coaxial outputs and HDMI at the back. 

If you connect two TVs to each output separately, you can also watch the same program on both TVs without requiring much effort. 

In such a case, it would be wise to keep your older television closer to the cable box.

The latest television models, with HDMI wire hookups, can go further away without affecting the image quality.

What about the remote control problem?

The remote will only be useful when you put it in the same room as the cable box.

However, using an IR remote signal repeater/extender can solve the remote control issue. An IR remote signal repeater/extender is a tiny device that lets you use your remote control anywhere in your home.

Steps to connect two televisions to one cable box

Now that you understand the basics let us discuss the steps to connect two TVs to one cable box.

Step 1: Cable up each room you want to have a television

Ensure each room you want a television in has the right cable setup.

You should wire your room by running the cables through the floors. Besides, cables running through the wall must have a cover over them.

Your cable connections should only come out via the plate outlet. You can use a cable splitter if you do not have an outlet plate in your room.

And if you have a digital box for the local channels, you can use an RF switch for some older analog televisions.

Step 2: Connect the main wire-line

Connect your main wireline as required with the right wire connected to the outlet. When the outlet is in place with the available connection, move to the next step.

Step 3: Connect your television to the wall receiver

Connect one cable end to the port on your television’s back and the other end to the wall receiver.

Manage the cables properly by running them as required. For instance, we recommend running them along the wall’s baseboards.

Step 4: Enjoy watching your television

You can now start enjoying watching your television. Only avoid fighting over remote control.

Is it worth connecting two TVs to one cable box?

The pros and cons of connecting two Tvs to one cable box will determine whether it is worth doing it or not. If you want your televisions connected to a single base cable box, then you may consider doing it yourself.

The price of connecting the Tvs to a single cable box can also help you understand if it is worth it. However, some satellite and cable companies know that people want their televisions connected. So, they offer better deals for connecting multiple TVs to one STB. The only con is that such deals do not last.

Although the cost of connecting multiple televisions to the cable box is not expensive, you may pay less or more depending on the company providing the satellite or cable box.

For instance, the average cost of wirelessly connecting multiple TVs to an STB can range from $200 to $300. And if you want additional cable boxes, you can expect to spend $5-$12 more with some satellite and cable companies.

However, doing it yourself is relatively cheaper as you can expect a one-time cost of between $50 and $100 if you DIY.

How to connect wirelessly from the cable box to your television

A transmitter connects to your wireless HDMI kit to transmit satellite and cable box signals to any room. The positive side is you do not need to have wires everywhere or to drill holes in your room to manage your cables.

The wireless HDMI kit connects to any device in your house through your STB. It looks like a Fire television or Roku box and connects to the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) at the back of your television.

The cable or satellite signal runs off directly from your set-top box.

The wireless HDMI kit works off a gaming console, computer, or Blu-ray. It can also provide multimedia and live streaming services.

The signal can travel for longer distances without needing WiFi. So, you can even place your television anywhere in your home to watch your favorite Netflix movie while you BBQ.


Connecting two televisions to one STB requires understanding what we intend to do. Fortunately, you do not need to be an expert to split the output from your cable box and connect it to two or more televisions.

We hope this article has helped you learn how to connect two or more televisions to one cable box.

However, we recommend using high-quality cables from a reputable manufacturer to achieve optimal results.

Clooms Tech is a leading manufacturer of superior-quality cable assemblies and wiring harnesses. We also provide customized solutions to suit your needs.