MDU Telecom: Everything You Should Know About MDU Fiber Deployment


MDU Telecom is the one you position in multi-dwelling units. These are the most popular options for constructing real estate. Furthermore, you’ll see apartment complexes and condominium buildings everywhere. Deploying telecom solutions to these structures can be a challenge. Therefore, service providers should be ready for it. This guide will help you prepare for those projects!

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MDU Telecom – An Overview

The thing about MDUs is that they can vary significantly. Some could only have two stories and a couple of individual apartments. Others stretch through a large number of floors. Therefore, they could cause a true challenge to telecom installers.

Here is the crucial information cable companies should acquire before accepting a project:

  1.  The unit building’s location and blueprint. This information will help to see the structure’s position in relation to your network. That way, service providers will know what to prepare for the installation.
  2.  Information about the residents. Are there any specific requests from single dwelling unit residents? Will the building house any business that could need advanced telecom services?
  3.  Details about the inner structures. The footprint should secure this but always take a good look. So, you should receive complete information. That includes details about the building height and floor structures.
  4. Sign a cable service contract. You want to provide bulk cable service to apartments in that unit legally. That’s why signing a contract with the building owners is imperative. It’s an entry agreement that allows you to access the premises.

Reasons for Installing Fiber in New MDUs

A 3D illustration of the FTTH network

Caption: A 3D illustration of the FTTH network

Not including a fiber connection would be a long-term mistake of the development plan. Now, here is an overview of crucial reasons for deployment!

An Increased Bandwidth Demand

If you remember how things were just a couple of decades ago, you’ll best understand changes in bandwidth expectations. It wasn’t that long when we were still using dial-up cable home wiring. Clients expect top-quality optical network terminals these days. That means watching in UHD standards, which go as 25Mb/s. Furthermore, VR and some other services could use no less than 500Mb/s.

An average household could have the following situation:

  • The person is watching a cable television network.
  • A child gamer uses their VR to play online.
  • A couple of other members are using Wi-Fi connections on smartphones,   tablets, etc.

It is challenging to secure sufficient bandwidth for them. Another requirement is that the signal delivery should be consistent.

Bandwidth as the Client’s Decision Where to Live

Some buyers consider broadband capabilities in the location before choosing it. They want to know they can rely on the cable service environment. That includes both business and leisure activities. So, installing reliable fiber solutions can be a real difference. It attracts customers to that property. Therefore, real estate developers shouldn’t underestimate this “fiber effect.”

A Cost-Effective Solution

Improved efficiency and quality of MDU cabling at reduced costs is available these days

Caption: Improved efficiency and quality of MDU cabling at reduced costs is available these days

You might think that MDU fiber deployment is expensive for the customer premises. The truth is that these networks have never been more affordable. For example, single optical fiber cables can transfer 1Tb/s across 5,000 kilometers. Current copper cable can only transfer around 1Tb/s for a kilometer, so it’s a significant improvement. 

A single cable inside wiring is sufficient for all communication within one household. That includes the internet, television, and telephone. It’s not only cost-effective but a space-saving solution, too. That’s why more buyers are considering cable company agreements every day.

MDU Cabling Problems and How to Resolve Them

It takes knowledge and skill to handle MDU fiber deployment properly. In the meantime, check out these common cabling problems and how to resolve them!

MDU Telecom–The Specifics of the Structure

Fiber-to-the-home-cabling equipment

Caption: Fiber-to-the-home-cabling equipment

Each property has unique characteristics. A new building and older structures can be completely different. Therefore, tailor the installation to the property’s specifics. That includes assessing individual apartments as a part of the cable pathway evaluation.

It’s smart to plan the wiring from the network to the building connections. Is it possible to come across concrete, metal, or landscape installations when placing an aerial cable? Make sure to analyze all barriers because preparation is key to performing the setup efficiently.

MDU Telecom–No Ducts Available

Fiber-to-the-home networks require wiring. The problem occurs when there are no ducts, or you only encounter a restricted number. It could occur if you perform the installation in an older structure because there wasn’t a plan for MDU cables.

The solution is to use floors for cable management. Alternatively, consider adhesive installation to the walls in the unit building. That way, they won’t attract attention but can still perform their purpose. Furthermore, it’s even possible to position small ducts behind fixtures and walls. However, this would take more time and effort from the installer.

MDU Telecom–Avoiding to Annoy the Tenants

If you are installing cable pathways in a unit that already had tenants, always consider their comfort. Nobody wants someone drilling and removing walls in their home. Therefore, it’s much better to drop cable from the top down. You can access this location whenever necessary. Furthermore, it’s possible to utilize connection ports. Place them wherever you believe that construction isn’t the right solution.

Another thing to consider is you don’t leave any mess after setting the network up in the facility. Therefore, you shouldn’t allow any drywall holes or dirt.

Once the need for maintenance or repair comes, come up with an efficient plan. If you are capable of working efficiently, that will minimize downtime. Furthermore, see if you can handle maintenance work at night. Alternatively, suit it to the tenants’ schedule. Optimal cable installation scheduling will simplify things for you and building owners.


Optical fiber deployment is an excellent solution for MDU telecom. Using the right tools and preparing a plan is crucial for the disposition of cable. It’s vital to adjust them to the property’s specifics. If you need assistance with choosing the right cabling assembly, don’t hesitate to contact us!