USB-C Adapters: An Ultimate Guide Helping Choose the best USB-C Hubs


With laptops arriving on the market, the number of ports may decrease. It is not to limit functionality but to minimize the clutter around the laptop. What will you do if attaching multiple devices is your compulsion? You can buy USB-C Adapters or Hubs.

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What is a USB-C Adapter?

USB Type C is the new generation connector that works in both directions and is smaller. Unlike the previous versions of Type A or Type B, the USB-C connector has gone beyond to replace the parallel, serial, PS/2, and FireWire ports.

To make the laptops smaller, manufacturers required a standard connector to which you can connect different devices. So, if you have recently bought a laptop or MacBook, you have seen that there is only one type of port available. 

A USB-C hub adapter connects to the USB-C on your laptop and peripheral gadgets daily on the other side. Thus, you can connect all these devices to the laptop without using multiple cables.

USB-C port vs. USB-A port

Caption: USB-C port vs. USB-A port


Why should you get a USB-C Hub Adapter?

Here are the top five reasons you should get a USB Type C adapter.

Bigger Bandwidth & Backward Compatible

USB-C connectors are backward compatible. We mean that it can support old standards such as 2.0 or 3.0 without incompatibility issues. Moreover, they support the Thunderbolt Display port and the latest USB3.1 standard.

Hook Up Your Existing Devices

USB-A ports, interfaces, and gadgets are still popular, and if your computer maker has skipped the port in favor of a pair of USB-C ports, you’re out of luck. A USB-C Hub Adapter is required to access your USB flash drive, external hard disc drive, smartphone, camera, tablet, or any input devices such as a mouse, keyboard, etc. 

Some USB-C hubs provide an HDMI video output for connecting to an external display or large-screen television. These are made feasible by the large bandwidth, extremely quick transfer rate, and protocols that it supports. SD Card reader, Network connector, and sound output are among the other features.

USB-C Hub as ”Docking Station”

You have to connect your laptop to multiple devices. It is a hectic activity to connect all the peripheral gadgets daily with the number of individual ports. Thus, you want to link USB-C Hub with your laptop when you arrive at your office in the morning. You will unplug that device as you leave in the evening.

Power Delivery

A USB C adapter that supports Power Delivery may flow power from your traditional power adapter to your laptop, eliminating the need to carry two adapters. Furthermore, the USB-C connections hub is far smaller and more convenient than a typical docking station.

Cheaper than other options available

Unlike proprietary ports or Docking stations, you do not need to change the USB hubs as you switch to new laptops. Thus, USB type C adapters are a little investment that goes a long way.

USB C Power Adapters with different functionalities

Caption: USB C Power Adapters with different functionalities


Factors to Look at When Buying a USB-C Adapter

You are supposed to consider more before buying one.

Connector Type

Most USB-C hubs include a connection that links to your laptop. Another form of USB-C hub has a built-in cable and instead has a male connection (or connectors) that plugs into your laptop. 

Hubs with built-in cables provide you with more workstation mobility. Still, the cord might get in the way, especially if you’re attempting to put it in your luggage or taking your notebook while it is still connected. Moreover, many companies make USB type C adapters according to the laptop type.

Number of Ports

The more interfaces USB-type C adapters have, the more expensive they are. Thus, if you only need to attach a keyboard and mouse, or perhaps a monitor, choosing an adapter that only serves those needs can save you money. However, if you want to connect many devices and accessories, you should choose a hub with a large number of ports.

Port Type

Generally, you need a USB C to A Type for charging, HDMI, VGA Type for media display, Ethernet, Internet connection, etc. Thus, it would help to choose a USB Hub to support your need via its ports.

Port Layout

The port arrangement is among the most neglected variables when selecting a USB type C hub, yet it may be crucial. Because some cables have big connections, they may occasionally block the port beside them.

For example, when you purchase a USB-C cable hub primarily to utilize the HDMI and the USB-C port, make sure they are not close to each other on the hub. Since you may plan to use both ports at a similar time, both wires may be tangled. Therefore, the ports should be slightly apart from each other.


You have to make sure that the hub is compatible with your device; for instance, you need an apple USB-C for MacBook. Thus, you can always check the product description or call the company’s customer support.

USB Hub Ports allocation

Caption: USB Hub Ports allocation


10 Best USB Type C Hubs adapters in 2022

There is a wide choice of quality USB-C adapters and hubs available at reasonable prices. 

Pluggable USB Type C Multifunction hub

The small yet multiport pluggable USB C adapter has seven ports, from 4K HDMI to three USB type-A ports and SD card slots. Moreover, it is lightweight, making it a travel-friendly device. However, there is only one USB type C port, so you can always look for other options given below if you want more.

In D-Link USB-C hubs, you will get eight ports, including three for USB Type-A and a power delivery USB-C type port for fast charging up to 100W. Moreover, there are card slots to insert for extra memory storage.

Additionally, Gigabits Ethernet is also available, and a High definition port supports 4K displays.

Kingston Nucleum USB-C adapter has seven ports with Two USB Type C ports

The Kingston USB C adapter is a 7-port adapter with two USB-C-type slots. With its pass-through charging, you can simultaneously charge your smartphone and a USB type C laptop. It’s small and lightweight with a built-in short cord, making it ideal for a travel companion.

Hyperdrive Seven in One USB-C Hub Stand

This ingenious hybrid gadget functions as a stand and a USB type C hub. So, it might be all you can carry for traveling and in-home or in the office. Also, it is lightweight and compact, and it raises a laptop to a more comfortable viewing position.

On one side, there are six built-in connections and a USB Type C port for Power Delivery (100W) connector for charging your laptop through the integrated USB cable. Moreover, there are 5GBPS USB-C, USB-A ports, and 4K HDMI ports available.

EZ Quest USB-C Generation 2 Adapter with seven ports

It is a solid 7-port USB-C adapter with three USB type A and four USB Type C ports. Thus, it is handy to link new and old devices, like USB-A Devices or USB-C phones, all in one place.

Satechi USB-C Hybrid Multiport Hub with SSD Compartment

One thing that Satechi offers and others don’t is the presence of an SSD compartment. So, it is very useful to connect your devices and increase the space of your laptop at the same time. However, you will need to purchase the SSD separately as it only offers the empty slot to fix it.

Moshi USB Type C to HDMI Adapter for High Definition Media Display

This easy, small, and light (23g) adapter connects any USB-C device to an HDMI 2.0 display, projector, or TV, whether it’s a laptop, iPad, or USB-C tablet. Also, it supports 4K streaming on 60Hz, and streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime is available.

TrendNet TUC-ET5G for fast Ethernet Speed

TrendNet ET5G is the first in the market which supports 5X gigabit speed for wire transfers. However, it is not cheap, so you may buy it only if you need faster data transfer for your work.

Moshi Symbus Q with wireless charging

The Moshi Symbus Q is comparable to the HyperDrive hub mentioned above. It provides less function at a slightly greater price, but you are truly paying for Moshi’sMoshi’s superior quality that will last longer than others. USB-C Charge and Audio Adapter

Startech USB C Charging adapter is one of the lightest multiport USB hubs that you can get on the market. Moreover, its sleek design and colors make it match the MacBook outlook. It has an extra USB C-type cable to charge your laptop and a flexible cable 15 cm long.

Kingston Nucleum 7 port USB C adapter

Caption: Kingston Nucleum 7 port USB C adapter



A good USB C Hub will take less space while connecting all your devices in one place. Thus, you are supposed to own one. However, every peripheral is a little different, so you need to choose one according to your need. Here at Bloom, we offer wiring harnesses and cable assemblies. When making our products, we combed through user reviews and analyzed a slew of specs to identify those most likely to deliver on their promises — and persist.