Aonic 215 vs. SE 215: Finding the optimal earbuds


High-quality earbuds ensure wearers get the most out of their music-listening experience. Plus, each one demonstrating unique capabilities. But, we will compare the Shure Aonic vs. SE215 models. So let’s get started!

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Shure SE215

The Shure SE215 earbuds offer consistent and decent sound quality with nice bass. You will also appreciate the comfort and design when wearing this product! These have a perfect fit while allowing the cable to wrap around your ear. Musicians can therefore perform live shows with these earbuds. It also effectively blocks out external noise (up to 37dB), providing suitable conditions for your listening needs!

Plus, the foam makes it very comfortable and convenient to wear in the long run.

Shure Aonic 215 IEM (in-ear monitoring) earphones

Example of wireless earbuds.

Example of wireless earbuds.

Music lovers will feel compelled to try Shura’s Aonic 215 IEM wireless earbuds because they output decent audio quality and bass. Don’t want to listen through Bluetooth integration? No problem! You can just as easily remove the Bluetooth component, and it will still function without sacrificing the sound quality! This is a stand-out feature because it makes the wearable quality more convenient and tailored to the consumer’s needs.

However, it comes with a strange hiccup. The right earbud won’t output any sound whenever you utilize it to take a phone call. The battery in these earphones lasts eight hours, but that can extend to 32 via the carrying case. Users can detach the cable, connecting it to other devices, including laptops.

These earbuds also work as a noise-canceling system since they block other incoming sounds.

Shure Aonic 215 vs. Shure SE215 – Similar or Different?

Both earbuds have the same sensitivity, impedance, and frequency ratings, which means the products operate similarly. However, the Aonic model offers different features, including noise cancellation and wireless capabilities.

Musicians may prefer the SE215 model due to the cable’s durability. Meanwhile, ordinary consumers will find the Aonic model more suitable since it has higher-quality features.

Aonic 215 vs. SE 215: Similarities

Each model has some interesting similarities that demonstrate its audio performance and design. 

  • Warranty: Two years
  • Clear sound and strong bass
  • In-ear monitor design
  • Noise isolation (37dB)

Aonic 215 vs. SE 215

In this section, we compared each model’s technical specifications. It includes their comfort, compatibility, audio performance, microphone, and build quality.

Technical specifications of each product:

Shure SE 215Shure Aonic 215
Battery: Ten hours Battery: Eight hours 
Impedance: 17 Ohms       Impedance: 17 Ohms
Frequency: 22 HzFrequency: 22 Hz
Sensitivity: 107 dBSensitivity: 107dB
Bluetooth Integration: NoneBluetooth Integration: Yes 
Noise Cancelling feature:  NoneNoise Cancelling feature: Yes


Shure’s SE 215 earbuds have a modern and simplistic design with an in-ear monitor cable. They also feature a durable exterior and see-through plastic. Additionally, the cups come with an armature transducer that provides high-quality sound for any wearer. Users can replace the detachable cable if it sustains damage. The 3.5mm plug makes it more convenient since you can connect it to a cell phone, laptop, and much more.

Meanwhile, the Aonic 215 model looks discolored, making them less attractive than other high-end earbuds. Overall, the earbuds are curved with a round module at the end. It features volume and playback buttons for improved control. Plus, the modular design makes it more convenient because you can detach the earbuds, connecting them to another module.


Wearers will find each Shure model comfortable to wear.

Wearers will find each Shure model comfortable to wear.

Expect to feel very comfortable wearing the Shure SE 215 model! You can utilize different ear tips for the perfect fit. Plus, its angular shape suits the ears’ structure extremely well. The weight of these earbuds also contributes to the overall comfort level.

On the other hand, the Aonic 215 product offers outstanding comfort due to its precise fitting. It may seem heavy at first due to the Bluetooth module.


The Shure 215 model supports Bluetooth. 

The Shure 215 model supports Bluetooth. 

The Shure SE 215 model operates without software and lacks customization preferences. In addition, the product comes with zero latency and limited range. On the other hand, the TRS audio cable can connect to the relevant smartphone app to provide sound connectivity.

You will discover many connection capabilities, including buttons and a one-tap feature, on the Shure Aonic 215 earbuds. It also supports Bluetooth 5.0, and you can easily remove it near the MMXC cables.


Each product comes with excellent audio and bass quality.

Each product comes with excellent audio and bass quality.

The Shure Aonic 215 provides excellent sound, similar to the SE 215 product. Plus, its frequency response matches other top-of-the-line models available on the market. These earbuds come with a treble surpassing 10kHz, a much clearer sound than required. You can also boost the sound up to 5dB, which covers 5kHz. The EQ preset, along with bass boost, helps improve the sub-bass functionality if you find the levels are too low.

Meanwhile, the SE 215 model offers clear audio with deep bass. It also provides excellent treble, noise isolation, and minimal leakage, rated at 4kHz and 6kHz. Even better, the leakage stays completely silent while the music plays.


Overall, Shure’s Aonic 215 has a decent microphone suited for phone conversations. You can find this feature installed on the back of the earbuds. However, that may cause sound distortion, which affects clarity for the other person on the receiving end of the call. So these earbuds work best in an office setting or low-noise environment.

However, the SE 215 doesn’t have a microphone integration, making communication impossible.


Shure provides decent build quality for its products, including the SE 215 model. It has a sturdy cable with solidly-built earbuds. You can remove and replace the cable anytime if it sustains damage. This leads to highly durable earbuds since the other components will work as expected.

 The Aonic 215 model also comes with excellent durability. It has an ear hook designed to keep the earbuds secure while you exercise or perform other activities.

Shure Aonic 215 vs. SE215 – The Better Model

Overall, the Shure SE 215 solidifies itself as a better product due to higher performance and consistent sound. Plus, it provides a better build quality for improved longevity. Besides that, the model has slight leakage, making the listening experience far more enjoyable!


Each product has unique advantages and disadvantages.

Each product has unique advantages and disadvantages.

It would be best to consider each model’s advantages and disadvantages when deciding which one to purchase. We listed a few below: 

Shure SE 215Shure Aonic 215
Excellent audio and bass outputBluetooth 5.0, AAC, and aptX compatible
Slight leakage with noise isolationSecure fit 
Blocks out 37dB of external noiseWireless adapters can connect to other Shure in-ear models.
High durability and portabilityExtendable battery life via case (up to 32 hours)
Excellent build qualityOutstanding sound quality
Lack of controls and noise canceling featureWorse build quality compared to other models


Overall, each Shure earbud model comes with interesting designs, features, and capabilities, ideal for any consumer! They output clear audio and bass, a quality everyone will appreciate when listening to music. So you can’t go wrong with either option, especially because they may surpass expectations.

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