Best Coaxial Cable Splitter – Here’s What You Need to Know


About the best coaxial cable splitter, A splitter is a device that allows you to generate several signal connections from a modem input or a single antenna.

The major advantage of cable splitters is that they prevent a signal from weakening.

The weakness usually happens when you feed the signal directly from the source to the device. 

Today’s tutorial will highlight the types and enumerate the best coaxial cable splitter in the current market.

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How does a cable splitter work?

Technically, cable splitters are for providing a single signal to many devices.

They act like little connectors taking a single signal from the input ports of the original connection.

Then, they use many outputs to distribute them to devices.

It creates at least two output signals for the internet or cable TVs.

Although cable splitters produce adequate signal strength for cable TVs, they suffer from some signal loss during transmission (quantifiable in dB).

Splitter classifications

Generally, several types of splitters are available, including the following.


An active splitter divides signals and adds considerable amplification.

Using the splitter helps increase the transmission and compensates for the disruption a long-distance cable creates.

Additionally, active splitters run on alternating current (AC).


Multi-switch splitters are ideal for residences, rooms, or workplaces that require a satellite dish signal and in satellite installations.

It separates signals before sending them to the receivers in different directions.


The third type of splitters is coaxial output and input metal boxes.

The splitter receives a sent signal and then divides it into several directions.

Unfortunately, it lacks signal-boosting capabilities.

Therefore, connecting it to several devices causes network interruption.


The Diplex is a splitter that combines satellite and antenna transmissions.

It separates the cables into several directions depending on the gadgets’ location.

You can insert the splitter’s cable into the Diplexer and divide it into several directions.

Best Coaxial Cable Splitter

Below is a list of our top five best products. 

GE 2-Way Cable Splitter

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Features and Benefits 

  • It is a multi-purpose device that is RG59 and RG6 coax cable compatible.
  • Then, it works with devices like amplified antennas, high-speed internet modems, amplifiers, HD TVs, and satellites.
  • Additionally, the frequency range of its digital signal is 2.5GHz. 
  • It is also corrosion-resistant and has gold-coated connectors that ensure effective connectivity. 


  • It is not ideal for heavy-duty usage. 

Customer review

“I don’t know if the gold-colored alloy helps with conducting signal, but I appreciate the wider range of broadcasting or cable frequencies that these can handle. Older ones might not have a rating for that bandwidth.”

Cable Matters 2-Pack 3-Way Cable Splitter.

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Features and Benefits 

  • It has high versatility due to its wide bandwidth spectrum ranging from 5MHz to 2450MHz. 
  • Secondly, it has a lifetime warranty.
  • It also works with a satellite receiver, cable TV box, and VCR
  • Its gold-plated connectors contribute to conveniently low signal noise and signal loss of -5.5dB.
  • Finally, it uses a 3-way splitter.


  • It is a little large compared to other cable splitters. 

Customer review

“Used this to combine several digital antennae into 1 TV.

While my setup does not improve reception of faint channels, it allowed me to grab several more channels without repositioning a single antenna every time I changed channels.”

8-Port Bi-Directional Cable TV Splitter by PCT

Features and Benefits 

  • First of all, it has a 5-year warranty.
  • Then, it is compatible with all kinds of cable TV services.
  • Moreover, it can help you lower snow levels and prevent image pixelation.
  • Also, it provides a strong coaxial signal due to its +4dB boost per port. 
  • You can easily install it because of its ultra-small design that also takes less space. 


  • You’ll need two cables for each of your devices.

Customer review

“I have six televisions in my house. I needed a high-quality booster/splitter to handle the job. This unit far exceeded my expectations.”

BAMF Manufacturing MoCA

Features and Benefits 

  • First, it employs a 2-way splitter design with a signal loss rating of -3.5dB.
  • It has power passing ports, meaning it will produce more natural satellite signals. 
  • It also provides a great bandwidth spectrum ranging from 5MHz to 2300MHz. 
  • Furthermore, it is reliable and durable since it’s weather-resistant. 
  • Lastly, it has a top-quality shielding structure that reduces packet loss and improves signal quality. 


  • It doesn’t have any warranty form.

Customer review

“Needed a cable splitter for my tv and internet. No issues for six months of use. ”

Extreme BDS102H 2-Way HD Digital Coax Cable Splitter

Features and Benefits 

  • It offers a reliable and durable coaxial signal connection. 
  • It can support HD TV and analog and digital cable signals.
  • Moreover, it provides a signal boost of 3.5bD boost per port high-speed.
  • Also, you can split cable TV and internet connections from a single source to many devices like modems and computers.
  • It can further assist you in hooking up your router and cable TV in the same outlet signal location.


  • Unfortunately, it has a poor bandwidth spectrum. 

Customer review

“I wanted to watch TV that comes through the coax cable and simultaneously use my cable modem that connects to my router for the internet. This piece of hardware did the trick!”


In summary, splitters divide the connection for many outputs while preserving the signal quality from the cable operators or service providers.

Then depending on your requirements, you can settle for an 8-way, 6-way, 4-way, 3-way, or 2-war cable splitter.

Following through the guide above will help you buy a cable splitter.

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