HDMI To Lightning Cable: Review of The 10 Best Lightning to HDMI Adapters


You want to stream content from your iPhone or iPad to your Smart TV or another monitor. Unfortunately, you have to use extra hardware to display; alternatively, you need a device that supports Airplay. The most straightforward way to get your movies, videos, and TV programs from your iPad or iPhone to your TV or another device is to use HDMI to lightning cable. However, it would help if you were very careful when you purchase the cables, as many of the types available are not up to standard, they offer cheap solutions that do not work well, or iPhones / iPad do not support them. Make sure you read reviews and buy from a manufacturer or a brand that follows Apple’s specifications for Lightning to HDMI cables.

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10 Best Lightning to HDMI Adapters

Below are the ten best lightning to HDMI adapters.

Apple Lightning to Digital AV Adapter

If you prefer authentic brands, Apple provides lightning to digital AV adapter which suits your demands. Connect the adapter to your iPad, iPod, or iPhone for mirroring functions. It is relatively expensive when compared with other adapters.

Unitrox HDMI Adapter

The Unitrox HDMI adapter is compatible with apple components; you do not require an external power source or an application to create a link on your phone with the other device. The adapter has a plug n play phenomenon that makes it easy to use. Connect a charger if your phone runs low on power while connected to the adapter.

WORLDBOYU Lightning to HDMI Adapter

This type of Adapter has a plug n play feature, making it user-friendly. The Adapter can mirror the iPad or iPhone to the TV screen. It needs a constant connection to the power source.

Anytrox HDMI Adapter

It is among the best adapters on the list. Anytrox HDMI adapter has a USB camera transmission port. The adapter provides 4k video resolution and ultra HD videos. The camera reader has a transmission rate of 90mbps.

Woodford Design HDMI Adapter

Woodford Design HDMI adapter easily transfers media from your phone to larger HD screens, such as the TV. The adapter is relatively affordable. It allows you to stream movies and TV programs from your phone if you do not have a smart TV. It has a plug n play feature that makes it easy to use. The does not require any application or internet connection to work.

Falubs Lightning to HDMI Adapter

Falubs Lightning to HDMI adapter is an adapter that connects your iPhone or iPad to the screen or TV. It allows you to play all of your preferred media without difficulty. The adapter equally allows you to access services from YouTube. Flubs support any copyrighted material. Therefore you can play content from Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and others.

Seward’s Lightning to HDMI

Seward’s lightning to HDMI cable is an intelligent Audio/Video adapter. It has a plug-and-play feature but will need its power source. It has a short cable; therefore, your iPhone or iPad will need to be closer to the source. It’s important to note that adapters can support services that have HDCP video copyright protection. Therefore, you will not be able to use Hulu or Netflix services with this adapter.

Anylso Lighting to HDMI Adapter

Anylso follows Apple’s rules to create a dongle perfectly well. You fix this adapter into your iPad or iPhone and then to the TV or screen with an HDMI cable. With the connection, you can now broadcast your screen, put it on the screen or the TV, and tune it on the correct channel. The cable is approximately 6.6ft, and it’s fairly cheap to buy.

Lightning to HDMI Adapter Cable by Bambu

The adapter has 6.5ft of cable. It has a plug-and-play feature. As soon as you plug into your iPad or iPhone and then into the input device, you stream the programs on the larger screen. Approximately it supports images and videos in 1080p. Like the Saleward Lightning to HDMI solution, this adapter does not put any HDCP video copyright content on the TV. Therefore it cannot support Hulu, Netflix, and other services that protect their content. 

Dansrueus Lightning to HDMI Adapter

It has attractive lightning to HDMI adapter open for your iPad and iPhone. You require an HDMI cable to go with this adapter, which plugs directly into it. The cable needs its power source to function, but it still has the plug-and-play feature. Once you establish a connection, you can start to stream. Then it allows you to get some reasonable distance if you require a solution that does not keep your iPad or iPhone closer to the screen or TV.

Connecting An Iphone Or Ipad With An HDMI Cable.

Have your cable and an HDMI to HDMI connector about 6-15 ft long. It would help if you had Apple’s Lightning Digital AV adapter when you want to connect an iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone with a Lightning cable connector. However, be aware not to purchase third-party cables that do not support streaming video applications that use copy protection, like Netflix.


  1. Connect to your TV set on one end of your HDMI cable.
  2. Connect your Apple lightning adapter to the other end of the HDMI cable.
  3. Connect your Lightning cable to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
  4. On the TV remote control, tune the input/source to the right option (HDMI 1 or 2)
  5. You will see the iPad/iPhone screen on the TV.
  6. Also, you can connect a charger to the adapter’s secondary Lightning port to charge the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch battery.
  7. In case of online Classes –place the iPad/iPhone in front or beside the TV so that the built-in camera is facing you, allowing the instructor to see you.
  8. Adjust the sound on your iPhone/iPad or TV to the correct level.
  9. Once done, disconnect the iPhone/iPad from the adapter and use the TV remote control to set the input/source back to the original input/source setting.


It would help if you were cautious when buying the cables to use in your connections. It is important to consider the cable type and follow cable specifications before buying. Many types of cables in the market need to be set up to standard. Some offer cheap solutions that need fixing, or iPhones / iPad do not support them. Make sure you read reviews and buy from a manufacturer or a brand that follows Apple’s specifications for HDMI to lightning cables. For all your HDMI to lightning cable needs, contact Cloom Tech.