Best 1.4 Displayport Cable – Top 10 in November 2022


Generally, devices like PCs, laptops, and gaming monitors often require HDMI ports and DisplayPort (DP) via cables.

The two cables resemble each other, only that DisplayPort cables accommodate greater resolutions and refresh rates without screen tearing or frame loss problems.

Thus, the best 1.4 DisplayPort cable provides more fluid and responsive gaming. 

Today’s post will enumerate factors to consider before choosing a DisplayPort cable. Then, we’ll proceed to the best top ten DP cable picks according to customer reviews and research. 

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a DisplayPort Cable

Before buying a DisplayPort Cable, kindly consider the following factors.


DisplayPort cables have designations that work with higher frame rates and resolutions. But not every DisplayPort cable works the same way. Some cables manage 4K resolutions at 240Hz or 144Hz, while others only handle 4K resolutions at 60Hz.

If you’ve got a gaming monitor that handles 4K resolution at 144Hz, buy a cable for managing such refresh rates and resolutions.

Even if you have the recently launched RTX flagship GPUs, you won’t have the best gaming experience. The issue is due to your cable not supporting such high resolutions and refresh rates.

Generally, a DisplayPort cable that handles higher refresh rates and resolutions are ideal because it allows for future hardware upgrades. 

Length of the cable

Secondly, know the distance between devices while using the DP cable. It will help you avoid a too-long or short cable supporting your gaming setup.

Thus, long DP cables will serve far-apart devices, while shorter cables will suffice for devices close to each other.

The correct length ensures an uninterrupted connection and signal transmission. Luckily, countless companies make cables in different lengths enabling you to choose the best one effortlessly. 


Secondly,  get cables that work with several devices, like gaming monitors, to avoid buying extra cables during device upgrades.

After finding a good DP cable with valued features, ensure it works with your gaming graphics and monitor card for cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Moreover, several DP connections offer Multi-Stream Transport (MST), which lets you daisy-chain DisplayPort 1.2 displays.

So, you can utilize a DP-to-DP cable supporting an MST feature if your gadget can sustain MST or if you need an additional monitor connection.

The MST feature can help any streamer to organize and manage their setup.

Plug-and-play feature

Generally, installing extra drivers or software for your DisplayPort cable to operate isn’t very pleasant.

It becomes even worse when there needs to be a specification on the software and driver for a cable installation.

Thus, you can avoid the challenge by settling for a plug-and-play DP cable. It’ll simplify things after plugging the cable into the gaming monitor. 


Don’t we all hate cables that cease to function or break just after a few bends? Knowing the quality of your DP cable can save you frustration.

Therefore, consider a durable and robust cable with high-quality, long-lasting materials. 

For instance, opt for cables that you can plug/unplug or bend several times without getting damaged. Also, cables with a solid PVC jacket, multiple shielding, or nylon braiding are ideal.

They can also have gold-plated connectors, which keep them from rusting and ensure reliable signal transmission. 

Cable Shielding/ Flexibility

Settle for DP cables with sufficient shielding layers for protection, but they should be manageable, not bent, and non-flexible.

Less flexibility and bending often prevent the cables from fitting into tighter spaces.

Price and Warranty

A high-quality, well-made DP cable that supports greater refresh rates is more costly than standard ones.

However, it doesn’t imply you must spend a fortune on an excellent DP cable connection for PC gaming.

You can buy a good cable with all the capabilities a gamer needs for roughly $15 to $20.

You may also readily acquire VESA-certified DP cables, which provide superior performance. 

Additionally, get cables with a lifetime or lengthy manufacturer’s warranty to ensure protection.

Best 1.4 DisplayPort Cables

Here is our list of the best ten cables we’d recommend. 

KabelDirekt 8K DisplayPort cable

Length: 3ft and 15ft

Supported Resolution: FullHD@240Hz, WQHD@165Hz, UWQHD@144Hz, 4K@120Hz, and 8K@60Hz.

Bandwidth: 32.4Gbps

KabelDirekt 8K DP cable is a cost-effective, VESA-approved, and well-made. It tackles drawbacks like a flickering and black screen to enable more responsive gameplay. 

Then, its design consists of gold-plated and bare copper connectors for steady signal transfer with no interference difficulties.

Furthermore, it has a security latch that secures the connector and is ideal for many devices.

Also, the KabelDirekt DP Cable features MST, which helps you expand your Display over numerous displays.


“I bought the 10′ version for my 144hz 3440×1440 Monitor and Nvidia 3080ti video card. It works at full resolution and bandwidth, no issues at all.” – Phillip.

AmazonBasics DisplayPort 1.4 Cable

Length: 10ft, 6ft, and 3ft.

Supported resolution: 4K@120Hz, 8K@60

Bandwidth: 32.4Gbps

AmazonBasics DisplayPort 1.4 Cable is a low-cost, high-performance cable with foil braid shielding and gold-plated connectors for durability and stable signal transmission. The cable connection provides superb audio and visual quality with 7.1 & 5.1 channel sound, 3D videos, and dynamic HDR for lifelike watching and intense gaming. 

Moreover, the cable’s plug-and-play capability makes it easier to use without installing any drivers. AmazonBasics DP can additionally accommodate a broader range of resolutions and refresh rates.


“Works as intended! 8K, high quality! My only complaint, though, is out of the box. It doesn’t smell good. 

If you’re using this for a monitor nearby a computer, I recommend a smaller cable.” – Polar.

CableMatters VESA Certified 8K DisplayPort Cable

Length: 9.8ft, 6ft

Supported resolution: 2K@165Hz, 4K@144Hz, 8K@60Hz

Bandwidth: 32.4Gbps

CableMatters 8K DisplayPort cable has VESA certification and is ideal for gaming monitors requiring high-resolution and high refresh rate with a lightning-fast reaction time.

It has a better structure with a molded strain-relief architecture, an outer braided cable jacket protecting against tangles/frays, and bare copper connectors. 

A security latch atop the copper connectors aids in correctly locking the cable into devices. CableMatters is compatible with USB-C to DisplayPort adapters for linking to USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 machines.


“Cable works great on a 3440×1440 LG 34GN850 Ultrawide at 144Hz. The braided sleeving is nice; overall, the cable is slightly narrower than the standard sleeved older 4K@60Hz it’s replacing.” – Charles G. Paluda.

Club 3D DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable

Length: 3.28 to 16.4ft

Supported Resolution: 4K@144Hz, 8K@60Hz

Bandwidth: 32.4Gbps

The VESA-certified DisplayPort 1.4 cable provides an HBR3 bandwidth and supports up to 8K resolutions. It is essential for gaming on excellent monitor displays like HP Omen X. 

DisplayPort 1.3, 1.2, and 1.1 backward compatibilities let you link outdated game monitors. Club 3D DP Cable also provides uncompressed digital 7.1, 5.1, or 2.1 audio channels.

Its inbuilt one-touch latch buttons guarantee a stable connection, while the shielded cable reduces EMI radiation. Then, the UltraFlex jacket protects the DP against distortion and bends.


“I only trust Club3D; they make cables and adapters that work. You can’t go wrong with these; make sure you buy them from Amazon directly.” – Vitaminwater.

Capshi DisplayPort Cable

Length: 10ft, 6.6ft, and 3.3ft

Supported resolution: 1080p@240Hz, 2K@165Hz, 4K@144Hz, 8K@60Hz

Bandwidth: 32.4Gbps

Capshi 8K DP cable helps consumers who want to connect their GPUs to G-sync-enabled 165Hz or 144Hz monitors.

It also supports up to 240Hz refresh rates for intense gaming without frame drops.

Then, its 4K@144Hz gaming resolution offers uncompressed 2, 5.1, and 7.1 channel audio.

Its structure has a high-purity bare copper and 30 AWG Tinned Copper, enabling steady signal transmission without flickering or dark screens. The triple layer enhances its durability. 


“This Capshi cable is great! Excellent value for the money. I just built a new rig with a Gigabyte Aorus MB and Aorus GPU that offers HDMI 2.1 and D.P. 1.4. I Highly recommend this cable!” – Thomas M. Grange.

JSAUX 8K DisplayPort Cable

Length: 6.6ft and 10ft

Supported resolution: 2K@165Hz, 4K@144Hz, 8K@60Hz

Bandwidth: 32.4Gbps

The JSAUX DP1.4 Cable undoubtedly improves gaming and streaming. Its construction materials, including triple-layer shielding, ensure glitch-free video and audio transmission. Moreover, its plug-and-play connectivity lets you connect the cable to devices like laptops without installing drivers.

Then, it supports HDCP 1.4, HDCP 2.2, HBR3, and HDR. It additionally delivers exceptional performance, endurance, and better frame rates.


“Be careful when purchasing some HDMI or DP cables, as they have limitations and ratings. This cable takes care of 4K@144Hz, which is more than most people need. Great value.” – Christopher Pace

Accell DisplayPort 1.4 Cable

Length: 6.6ft

Supported resolution: 4K@240Hz, 5K@60Hz, 8K@30Hz

Bandwidth: 32.4Gbps

Accell DP Cable has always had an eye for professional gamers.  The VESA-certified cable provides high-end gaming monitors with greater refresh rates.  It also supports HDR, which has more colors and additional details in devices like projectors and graphic cards. 


“I had trouble with my Display cutting out every time I moved my Monitor, so I tried seeing if the Display cable was the issue. Read that the Accell DP cable was highly recommended on review websites for its secure latched connection and decided to give it a try; thankfully, it solved the problem, and now I can freely move my Monitor around without fear of the Display cutting out and freezing my computer!” – Dat.

Silkland DisplayPort Cable

Length: 10ft and 6.6ft

Supported resolution: 1080P@240Hz, 2K@120Hz, 2K@144Hz, 2K@165Hz, 4K@60Hz

Bandwidth: 32.4Gbps

The Silkland DisplayPort is a high-performing and durable cable with corrosion-resistant components that can survive 10000+ times unplugs and plugs, and 5,000+ 90-degree bends.

Its backward compatibility with 1080p monitors is usually at 144Hzz, 165Hz, or below. 

Features like multi-screen splicing and mirror modes often improve audio-visual enjoyment. It also supports sharp images, 10-bit deep color, 3D, and HDR. 


“I bought this cable because my pc only has one HDMI port but several display ports. I was amazed by how much better the Monitor with the display cable looks, and they are the same monitors.” – Arog.

IVANKY DisplayPort 1.4 Cable

Length: 3.3 to 15ft

Supported resolution: 1080p@240Hz, 4K@144Hz, 8K@60Hz

Bandwidth: 32.4Gbps

IVANKY DP Cable provides greater refresh rates, several features, and durability for an exciting gaming experience.

The DisplayPort cable design also offers a premium compact aluminum shell with gold-plated connectors and a braided nylon jacket for maintaining a solid signal transfer.

The cable can endure 10000 plug-ins and 15000 bends, besides being adjustable to fit your gaming setup.


“I was surprised that a cable can make a difference to the quality of the Display. The Display got improved so much cleaner and crisp.  The cable is good quality, and the adapter fits tightly.” – Kchiu88.

GearIT DisplayPort 1.4 Cable

Length: 16.5ft, 10ft, 6ft, and 3ft

Supported resolution: 1080p@166Hz, 2K@165Hz, 4K@144Hz, 8K@60

Bandwidth: 32.4Gbps

GearIT DisplayPort 1.4 Cable is ideal for gaming on high-end monitors, including the Samsung Odyssey series, ASUS TUF, etc.

Furthermore, the cable is backward compatible so that you may employ it on previous monitors with older DP versions. It supports 7.1 and 5.1 for immersive audio channels while supporting HDR gaming.

GearIT DisplayPort cable contains nylon braiding and gold-plated connectors for a stylish design and durability. 


“Overall, the build quality seems solid. It’s a nice braided cable, and the connectors don’t have those push pins on them.” – Travis. 


To conclude, the perfect type of DisplayPort cable can be a life-changing experience for your gaming life. Our article will help you make the right DP cable choice. 

For more information, reach out to us.