Best Wire Binding Machines – How to Buy For Your Projects


With more printing happening, the papers require binding for easy documentation.

The best wire-binding machines are significant investments to keep your projects organized.

When looking for your first binding machine, it can take time to identify what suits your business.

This article will list the best binding machines you should buy.

We will give the factors to consider when choosing and types of binding machines to help you make a good decision.

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Types of Wire Binding Machines

Man making a report using a comb binding machine. 

Man making a report using a comb binding machine. 

In the market, there are different kinds of wire-binding machines. They include the following.

Coil Binding Machines

The coil binding machine works in 3 steps: punching, inserting, and crimping. by manually creating holes at the edge of sheets of paper using a punch.

The punched documents are attached with PVC plastic coils throughout the holes using a coil inserter.

A crimping machine will then cut the extra coils and crimps the ends to prevent rings from loosening from the papers.

Automated coil binding systems make the punch, insert, cut, and crimp process seamless in large-scale binding.

Thermal Binding Machine

Thermal binding machines apply heat to the adhesive on a book spine to hold documents together.

You start by gathering the materials together. Jog the materials to make sure the papers are deep into the spine.

Insert the book spine facing down in a slot and switch on the start button to heat the adhesive.

Some machines may not come with a start-stop switch. 

A light signal helps you know if the device is working correctly.

A cooling rack allows the adhesive to heal and keep the materials tight when the spine is adequately heated.

Wire Binding Machine

Wire binding machines insert C-shaped spines in punched holes.

The wire closer squeezes the spine till it forms a round shape. 

A wire binder can open at a 360-degree angle when binding documents.

Wire binding machines can either have a separate wire closer or come with in-built wire closers.

Comb binding machine

Comb-binding machines work by punching rectangular holes. 

They use circular plastic spines with either 19 rings (letter size papers) or 21 rings (A4 size papers) to support different paper sizes. 

The spines also have different thicknesses and capacities to hold the papers depending on the number of sheets.

They range from 3/16 inches or 2mm spines for 16 sheets to 2 inches or 51 mm for 425 sheets.

Electric binding machine

Electric binding machines are advanced and work by punching and inserting wire coils or plastic coils with the tap of a button.

Traditional binding machines require the hand to draw holes and put rings throughout the documents’ holes. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Binding Machine

Book binding machine on white background. 

Book binding machine on white background. 

Before buying binding machines, these are crucial aspects you should consider.

Type of project

The type of project is crucial when buying a wire binding machine.

Conversing with different binding machines is vital to understand the kinds of books they handle.

For instance, wire-binding machines bind documents that flip at a 360-degree angle.

A coil binding machine will work for your needs for books that flip at a flat angle.

Punching capacity

Man holding sheets of paper with punched holes. 

Man holding sheets of paper with punched holes. 

The punching capacity of the wire binding machine is how many sheets of paper the machine can punch.

Most wire binding machines for small-scale home and office use in one press can punch between eight to ten holes.

Commercial machines can punch up to 20 sheets in one punch.

Depending on your needs, you can select the best wire binding machine to handle the size of the booklet you are punching.

Document Guide

It is normal to be stuck when using a wire-binding machine.

One may need help arranging documents for punching or inserting coils in the document holes.

The best wire-binding machines should have a copy with these instructions.

The guide can assist you in solving any problems you may encounter.


In terms of volume, consider how many sheets of paper you want to make.

You want to ensure the wire binding machine can bind as many documents as it fits your projects. 

Ease of Use

Man punching a paper with a comb binding machine.

Man punching a paper with a comb binding machine.

The ease of installing and operating the wire binding machine is crucial when shopping for what device you need.

Punching the hole wrongly or binding documents wrongly can sometimes be frustrating.

The machines should have instructions on how to set up and use them.

If handling a manual is technical, an automatic wire binding machine is a good option for your projects.

With the tap of a button, making holes and binding holes is simple with automatic wire binding machines.


A versatile wire binding machine is a good investment if you have different types of projects.

The wire binding machine should accommodate many papers appropriately if you print them.

The binder should also handle any paper size, such as A6, A5, or A4.

The tool should also punch and bind paper sizes with different thicknesses.


The durability factor is crucial for the longevity of the binding machine.

You should buy a binding machine that will last long while using it daily.

Moreover, the coil springs should be sturdy and hold the documents for extended use.

Best Wire Binding Machines

Here are our top 5 best wire binding machines in the market.

VEVOR TD-130 Manual Wire Binder Machine

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If you have a tight budget, this wire binding machine is the best for starters.

Because of its versatility, the VEVOR manual wire binder is a good investment for professional bookbinding in schools, offices, and print shops.

It suits all documents, including papers, broadsheets, manuals, and reports. 

It punches 34 holes and has a maximum punching capacity of 12 sheets and a 120-sheet binding capacity.

The machine’s margin is adjustable to 2.5mm, 4.5 mm, or 6.5 mm, allowing specific binding according to your setting. 

It is an easy-to-use machine with a simple handle design that makes punching holes effortlessly.

Additionally, disposing of paper waste is easy with its paper tray that attaches to the binding machine.

Its con is that it only suits small projects. Its 120-sheet binding capacity may not be best for you. 

Customer Review

“The binding machine is great! It’s heavy and great to use.

I watched the video to understand how it works. I created a beautiful planner with it.” 

Rayson TD1202

The machine’s traditional design punches and binds documents, reports, and presentations.

Its sturdy metallic material assures you of its durability for everyday use. Its sharp punch makes up to 32 square holes. 

The Rayson TD1202 can punch up to 12 sheets and bind 120 sheets. It allows binding with a 3:1 pitch double loop wire.

The ring size limit allows up to 9/16 inches with a double loop wire.

Edge distance adjusts between 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm, so you can play with the measurements to suit your book margin customization. 

The machine has a downside: you must oil the sharp punch to prevent it from rusting.

Customer Review

“I love this machine. Easy to use.” 

Fellowes Galaxy E Wire

The Fellowes Galaxy E Wire binder is a portable electric device that helps quickly organize your papers and projects.

Most wire-binding machines require manual operation and are labor-intensive. 

The machine requires plugging into a power source and loading up to 300 sheets of paper vertically for binding.

It punches 20 paper sheets simultaneously and automatically binds up to 130 by activating a button.

It also features a wire storage tray to store 14mm wire bindings. 

However, the downside of the machine is its binding limit of 130 sheets, making it impractical for huge books.

Other electric binders can have a punching limit of 25 papers and a  binding capacity of 500 sheets. 

Overall, it is a machine worth investing in, with many reviewers supporting its convenience and ease of use.

Customer Review

“Makes a nice presentation and is easy to use. Much nicer looking than the plastic combs.”

Rayson TD-132

Buy on Amazon

Buy on Amazon

The Rayson TD-132 provides a budget-friendly option for small-scale bookbinding.

The metallic material is suitable for its long-lasting use.

The wire binding machine punches up to 32 holes. It features a 12-sheet punching capacity and a 120-sheet limit.

It uses 3:1  wire binding spines ranging from ¼ to 9/16 inch sizes.

The margin is also adjustable from 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.5mm. 

The machine is easy to use and requires low maintenance.

Although the device is sturdy, its spare parts are not readily available.


“I purchased this punch to make my notebooks and planners for my

Stationery shop. It’s a great punch. Easy to use, and directions were clear. Follow them; I promise it’s worth it.”

TIANSE Wire Binder Machine

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With a 32-hole maximum capacity, you can use the TIANSE Wire Binder machine on paper sizes, including A4 and letter sizes.

Its main specs include a maximum punching capacity of 12 sheets and a maximum binding capacity of 120.

It also uses 3:1 wire binding spines.

The life-long warranty that comes with the machine suits daily use.

Businesses, students, and professionals can enjoy the full benefits of the wire binding machine.

A limited punching capacity is, however, unsuitable for binding many documents.


“Works great so far! I haven’t done too much binding with it yet, but it has worked great!”


The above article provides details about the best wire binding machines to buy.

It also gives tips that will assist you in choosing a reliable binding machine.

Therefore, choosing the best wire binding machines should be easy.