Is a Cat 8 Ethernet Cable Good For Gaming?


Is a Cat 8 Ethernet Cable Good For Gaming? If you are an online gamer, you know the importance of a fast and stable internet connection.

 If you don’t have a good bandwidth to support online games, your signal will keep dropping during the game. 

You likely won’t enjoy playing the game, and in some extreme cases, you might not even be able to start the game. 

However, a fast and stable internet depends on several factors, from cable type to internet strength. 

With that in mind, you’re probably not sure what cable standard to get from the various options.

 The article below will help answer the question: is a Cat 8 ethernet cable good for gaming?

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The Importance of Network Connectivity For Gaming

If you play games as a hobby, you don’t need an ethernet connection because you can enjoy offline gaming from disc games or downloaded games. 

However, modern pro gaming depends significantly on network connectivity. 

For most modern gaming experiences, you must log in to a PlayStation, Xbox Live, or Steam account to access downloaded games, the latest game updates, and, most importantly, connect with other gamers. 

Also, if you want to stream games on your PC, you need an internet connection.

You’ll need a steady and reliable internet connection to get the best out of your gaming experience.

 If you download anything or stream and lose your internet connection, everything stops. 

Most single-player games don’t need an internet connection; therefore, any drop in connection won’t lose your progress. 

However, a couple of single-player games require an internet connection to access special features or DMS purposes.

 Therefore, your network connectivity for gaming is especially important.

What Type of Ethernet Cable Do I Need For Gaming?

There’s no clear-cut answer to the best ethernet cable for gaming because it depends on your situation. 

However, the best answer is getting the latest standard cable because it can handle faster internet speeds and transmit your internet at high speeds to your device. 

Therefore, the best cable for gaming is the Cat 8 cable because it is the highest standard cable.

Gaming Station

Caption: Gaming Station

Cat 8 Ethernet Cables’ Advanced Features

Regarding shielding, bandwidth, speed, and other important factors, the Cat 8 cable is the best option.

Speed25 Gbps – 40 Gbps
Bandwidth2000 MHz
Maximum Length100m
Power over EthernetYes
Backward CompatibilityYes

However, there’s nothing perfect, as the Cat 8 ethernet cable has a few drawbacks. It’s costly, and some cables might be stiff and difficult to install (although not all).

Should You Use Cat 8 Ethernet Cable or Not For Gaming?

Most high-rated ethernet cables are more capable of handling higher speeds than their Internet Service Provider provided. 

For instance, Cat 8 cables can handle speeds of up to Gbps, which is higher than what most ISPs provide, even in high-traffic areas. Regarding the standard internet speed provided by ISPs, most gamers will be fine with Cat 6 cables. They can handle speeds of up to 1 Gbps. 

So, it’s best to always confirm your internet speed before getting a cable that matches its maximum speed. 

Future proof option

If you are looking for a future-proof option, opting for the Cat 8 ethernet cable is best. 

It’s the highest standard cable and can support the highest speeds. 

Further, it only costs a few dollars more than your standard Cat 6 cable.

Although Cat 8 cables are known for their high speeds, it’s rare to find such speeds in most home environments. 

Cat 8 cables are often used in data centers, hospitals, and workstations with high interference levels. 

Therefore, Cat 8 cables overkill most home users. However, if your budget isn’t tight, you can try out a Cat 8 ethernet cable.

Since the Internet Service Providers don’t offer such high speeds, Cat 8 was unnecessary. With a Cat 6a or Cat 6 cable, you will still have a steady and fast connection.

High Interference

If you have set up your gaming in a high electromagnetic interference area, you will likely experience issues while playing. 

Such an area could be from a nearby cell tower or high-wattage appliances and power lines in your house. 

Luckily, you can minimize electromagnetic interference with a Cat 8 ethernet cable because Cat 8 cables are highly shielded. 

Although a Cat 6a or Cat 6 cable is shielded against EMI, Cat 8 cables provide superior protection.

Device Capability

As mentioned earlier, an ethernet cable connected to your network should be capable of handling your current data plan. 

So should the equipment. For example, old-generation laptops and computers can’t handle speeds of up to 40 Gbps. 

Also, your switch and router should be capable of handling high speeds for you to get a fast and fluid gaming experience.

So it would be best to choose your cable type based on the equipment’s capabilities.


As a result of solid shielding, Cat 8 cables cost slightly higher than your Cat 6a or Cat 6 cable. 

But running a 100-meter Cat 8 ethernet cable costs more than running others.

So if the price isn’t a deciding factor, a Cat 8 cable is the best option. However, getting a Cat 6a or Cat 6 cable is better for the long run. 

This is because Cat 6a and Cat 6 cables are easier to terminate and install, cheaper, and are capable of supporting speeds of up to 10 Gbps which for most gamers is more than okay.

Length Issue

Although Cat 8 cables are popular for high-speed transmission, you might encounter some issues regarding length. 

The maximum cable length is roughly 30 meters, and a distance longer than that will result in a performance drop. 

Therefore Cat 8 cables are best for short distances and high-speed connections.

Unlike the Cat 8 cables, the maximum cable length of other cables is usually 100 meters. 

Therefore before buying a cable, you should measure the distance between your gaming console and internet router.


Although the difference between ethernet cables is mainly in the speed threshold, there are some differences in reward to use. 

Cables are available in various casing types, shapes, and lengths that help you better manage the distance from your router to the console. 

Your cable choice depends entirely on your situation and what you want to do with your setup. 

Regarding quality, getting a Cat rating that will accommodate your data plan is all that matters.