Moca Coax Splitter: Your Easy Know-It Guide


Looking around your house will reveal how little you know about its contents. Do you see the shiny box by the wall sockets? The one with cables attached to it?

If all this seems alien to you, do not despair. Here is some information on one of the most useful devices in your home. As you read through, you will discover what a MoCA coax splitter is and its impact on your home’s connections. Here is a quick cheat sheet on how you can start the process.

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Moca Coax Splitter

Understanding MoCA splitter

Firstly, MoCa stands for Multimedia over Coax Alliance. It is a global standardization institution that develops multi-gigabit coax connections standards. Additionally, it has been offering improvements in coax cable connection technology since 2004.

Understanding MoCA splitter

 Devices that have MoCA technology include WiFi extenders and network adapters. Although going cableless is the preference, MoCA coax splitters are still essential to the setup. Here are some of the reasons why:

All-round connectivity

All-round connectivity

Do you experience internet loss in certain areas of your house? Before you set out to install a new unwanted cable, here is an easier fix. A splitter eliminates dead zones in your home. Just attach it to the coax output in the room and plug in your extra router. You can get more details on the same from the ‘how to set up a MoCA connection’ guide.

Slow WiFi speeds

Routers only offer a limited number of channels. Furthermore, your connection speed depends on the number of devices. A MoCA splitter offers consistency throughout. For maximum efficiency, channels bond at high speeds. Consequently, you can use the same connection for different devices without any significant signal loss. For example, splitters are a common feature in many offices and libraries.

Extremely low latency

Latency refers to how quickly a request reaches and processing starts. It is a vital component of data transfer, especially when urgency is the priority. MoCA devices are free from external influence. This allows them to offer some of the lowest latency speeds imaginable. For example, your LAN connection has a latency below 100ms compared to your WiFi’s 500ms.

Moca Coax Splitter–Attenuation of splitters

Attenuation refers to signal loss as a result of both external and internal factors. Similarly, you will find this recorded as decibels on different networking devices.

Attenuation of splitters

Additionally, the amount of loss depends on the type of splitter you use. For example, a four-point splitter ranges between seven and nine decibels. These figures refer to signal loss between ports. However, it is not unique to these two. Port isolation refers to the loss between each output. Three-point splitters have losses of 20 to 40 decibels. As you can see, the figure may be startling. However, there is a solution on how to minimize the high loss in signal strength.

Troubleshooting high loss in MoCA coax splitter connections

A common mistake you will find in-home networks is using a splitter. This usually happens between the router and a corresponding device such as your satellite receiver. It may not be a big deal to you, but you are experiencing signal loss upwards of 40 decibels. If you are a victim of this flawed setup, here are some fixes:

Get a MoCA -compatible router

Most of the MoCA routers in the market come with controlled port-port isolation. Basically, loss levels remain constant across each input and output. You can be sure of getting consistent signal strength across all devices on your network.

Moca Coax Splitter–Install the splitter directly to the ISP cable

Alternatively, you can split the connection directly from the source. After that, insert your ISP’s cable directly to the MoCA coax splitter. Once done, run separate cables for your receiver and router. The result is a reduction of loss by up to four decibels.  


As you can see, MoCA technology is essential to the proper functioning of network systems and data transfer. Certainly, the information above is a quick overview of MoCA history, and a sneak peek into its future. Additionally, MoCA devices offer compatibility with all types of coaxial cables. Visit our website to learn more about our coax cable solutions for your MoCA networks.