Time Warner Cable Retention Department Phone Number: Cancel your Spectrum Service with it


Time Warner Cable retention department phone number, also known as Spectrum, is one of the most popular internet and cable providers in the United States.

However, if, for whatever reason, you become frustrated with the Spectrum service, how can you cancel it?

To cancel the Time Warner Cable service, you need to talk to the retention department, inform them that you are shifting to an area with no Spectrum service, and confirm the cancellation.

However, you should be firm & friendly and return any equipment. Then, what is the time warner cable retention depart phone number? To What other things should I pay attention to?

This article will discuss every step involved in canceling Time Warner Cable. Sounds interesting? Keep reading for more information.

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Spectrum Cancellation Policy

Unlike other service providers, the Spectrum Cancellation Policy does not provide an early termination fee. However, if you cancel your Spectrum internet service before the end of your current billing month, you will be charged the entire month.

Besides, if you make a service cancellation request on the second day of the billing month, you will still be charged for the entire month.

Therefore, making a Spectrum service termination request at least thirty (30) days before the end of your current billing month is recommended. Furthermore, you should tell them the date you want the service to end.

Tips for Canceling Spectrum Services

Here are some tips you should consider to make your Spectrum service cancellation successful and easy.

Time Warner Cable Retention Department Phone Number: Have a clear mind

  • Ensure you make a service cancellation request at least one week before the end of the current billing month.
  • Ensure you have all your account details (information), including your account password and number.
  • Be ready for a long conversation with Spectrum customer rep, as they may try to convince you to cancel the service by offering you incentives to stay.

Time Warner Cable Retention Department Phone Number: Be Ready With Your Excuse

It would be best if you were prepared to provide a valid reason why you want to cancel your Spectrum service.

Here are some of the excuses or instances that the Time Warner Cable support team will consider viable enough to allow you to cancel the Spectrum service;

  • You are moving to an area or country where Time Warner Cable doesn’t offer Spectrum service.
  • A natural disaster hits you.
  • Seasonal suspension and temporary disconnection are not available in your area.
  • The Spectrum account holder is deceased or incapacitated.
  • You are shifting in with someone with an existing Time Warner Cable connection.
  • You are looking to lower your monthly financial commitments so that you can commit to paying off other bills.

However, some of the excuses mentioned above can not be used by regular customers. For example, you can not pretend that you are incapacitated or dead.

Also, if you claim that you are shifting in with someone with an existing Time Warner Cable connection, you might be asked more questions, like providing details of the other Time Warner Cable account.

Besides, the customer representative will find it abnormal if you tell them a hurricane has hit you in Florida.

However, the two most accepted excuses for canceling a Spectrum service are lowering your monthly financial commitments and shifting to a different area where there is no Spectrum service.

Stay Firm and Be Friendly

Time Warner Cable customer representatives will try to convince you to stop canceling the Spectrum service.

They will offer you a lower price, or advice you to move the internet service to your new location. They might even offer you slightly faster internet without charging you any additional fee.

However, if you fall for their tricks, they will ask you to update your contract with them for another year or two.

Therefore, you must stay patient and firm and inform them that you have already decided to cancel the service.

It is also important to note that how you talk to the Time Warner Cable customer rep carries more importance in the overall cancellation process.

For instance, if they can commit a mistake and fail to cancel your cable service. They can also cancel your service immediately, even if you need it for a few more days.

Therefore, the more helpful you are while talking to the customer rep, the fewer cancellation mistakes they can commit. Besides, try to be friendly to them, and your Spectrum internet service will terminate on the day you wish to.

Ways for Canceling Spectrum Services

If you follow the tips and simple steps below, you can cancel your Spectrum service easily and without any problem.

Step 1: Speak to the Retention

Customer rep talking to a customer

Image: Customer rep talking to a customer

The first thing to do is call Time Warner’s retention department via the phone number: 1-800-892-2253.

You will first come across a pre-recorded robot menu. So, navigate through it until you choose to cancel your Spectrum service. Once you select the option, you will be connected to the retention department.

When connected to a human being, inquire whether you are talking to a customer rep from the retention department. If not, ask them to connect you to the retention department politely.

Step 2: Confirm Your Spectrum Internet Cancellation

After speaking to the Time Warner Cable retention department, you will receive a confirmation letter or email confirming that your internet service has been successfully canceled.

If, for whatever reason, you do not get the confirmation email or letter, ensure you follow up with the Time Warner Cable retention department to be sure that your cancellation request is in process.

You can then send them a letter or email confirming the Spectrum cancellation, which is vital in protecting you if there is any issue with your Spectrum account.

Step 3: Spectrum Equipment Return

After canceling your Spectrum internet service, you must return all the Spectrum equipment included in your plan and those you rented, like routers and modems.

However, you will not be required to return cables and remotes included in your package when you install the Spectrum service.

You will be given 30 days to return your Spectrum equipment without being charged a fee. After that period, you will be charged a fee of between $60 – $150 for each piece of unreturned equipment.

Where To Return Your Spectrum Equipment

You can return Spectrum equipment at:

  • UPS store
 A UPS store

Image: A UPS store

Spectrum recommends that you return the equipment to your nearest UPS store. For instance, Spectrum has partnered with UPS to allow customers to drop off their equipment at no extra charge. UPS will then return the equipment(s) to Spectrum.

However, you should ensure you drop your equipment off at an official UPS store. Thousands of 3rd-party UPS franchises and stores use UPS logos and branding but are not integrated into the official UPS system.

The UPS store locator will help you find the right UPS store to drop off your equipment.

You should keep the “equipment returned receipt” issued at the UPS store if you face any delivery problems.

  • Spectrum store

You can also return your equipment to a Spectrum store. However, this is not recommended since the store’s objective is to get more customers to sign up for Spectrum rather than assist with canceling the service.

  • FedEx store
 FedEx store

Image: FedEx store

If there are no official UPS stores near you, Spectrum allows customers to return their equipment via FedEx. The steps for returning your Spectrum equipment via FedEx are similar to that of the UPS store.

However, you can not drop off Spectrum equipment at a FedEx box. It would be best if you went to a FedEx store. 

  • A pickup appointment

However, if you are disabled, you can schedule a pickup appointment via phone or online, and a Time Warner Cable technician will pick up the equipment at your residence.

Step 4: Confirm for the Last Time

The final step entails calling and confirming that you have canceled the Spectrum internet service. For instance, you need to call Time Warner Cable and request them to verify whether the cancellation was made correctly.

If you want to be more cautious, ask customer support the following questions;

  • Is the Spectrum internet service fully (successfully) canceled?
  • Do I still have any unreturned Spectrum equipment?
  • Do I have any outstanding balance in my Spectrum account?

You should ensure that all the answers to these questions match your expectations. Otherwise, ask customer support to fix discrepancies while staying on the call.


As you might have seen, canceling your Spectrum service is straightforward and quick.

For instance, you only need to call the retention department and inform them that you want to cancel the Time Warner Cable as you are moving to an area without Spectrum service.

However, being friendly and returning all rented Spectrum equipment is vital. We hope this article has helped you cancel Time Warner Cable.