VGA To HDMI Cable Not Working: How To Troubleshoot VGA To HDMI Adapter Cable Issues


VGA To HDMI Cable Not Working, Are you trying to find a way to watch movies from your old VGA-compatible device but don’t know how? 

With VGA to HDMI cables, you can transfer media from VGA devices to your smart TV with HDMI ports.

However, while trying to accomplish this, you might encounter some problems. 

The article below will help guide you on how to go about your VGA to HDMI cable not working.

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Can You Go From VGA To HDMI?

Yes, you can. 

VGA to HDMI adapters on the market can meet your needs. 

More importantly, you need not worry about the quality of the video output on your TV.

Besides, you will not need to replace your device with a new one as long as it functions well. 

You will still get much out of it while saving a lot of money.

However, it is vital to remember that the signal quality depends on the inferior port of the adapter

Converting a VGA signal to HDMI won’t improve the original signal quality from analog VGA devices.

How to troubleshoot the problem of the VGA to HDMI cable not working?

You want to use a VGA to HDMI adapter cable to get the best out of it without problems. 

However, that is not always the case. 

The following are some of the issues that you need to know when the adapter is not working correctly.

A standard HDMI to VGA Cable

Caption: A standard HDMI to VGA Cable

Problems With Power Connection

If your adapter is not functioning correctly, there is likely a problem with the power connection. 

It could either be the adapter or the devices you connect.

You may not have a display to show you that there is a power problem with your adapter or device. 

You will therefore need to physically inspect your adapter, monitor, or even your power supply socket. 

First, you can try changing the power source outlet to ensure your power source is in good condition. 

Ensure your device shows you that it’s connected to the power source through its power source diode.

The next step is to inspect your VGA to HDMI cable adapter. Normally, the adapter has a USB cable that acts as its power supply. 

The power is important in converting the VGA signal to an HDMI signal that is compatible between your devices. 

Try connecting the adapter to a different USB port to ensure the adapter is getting enough power. 

Also, the connection between your adapter and device or display should be tight and firmly in place. 

This will help ensure the transmission signal is constant throughout.

Ensure That You Have an Adapter and Not Just a HDMI to VGA Cable

Assuming you can make a connection since your cable connects to VGA and HDMI is wrong.

 This is because not every cable can work without an adapter. 

Usually, an adapter is made differently from a typical cable, and therefore, its functionality also significantly varies from each other.

An HDMI to VGA adapter needs a power source to get the VGA signal to output an HD input. 

However, an HDMI to VGA cable will not achieve the same conversion process and quality of signal formats needed. 

To know if you have the right accessories, ensure a USB cable is added to the adapter. 

It allows you to connect the adapter to the USB input on devices that act as the power source. 

It’s not always guaranteed that a cable won’t work completely. 

However, purchasing an adapter is important for better functionality and to help avoid any future inconveniences.

Damaged Ports

Sometimes, the problem could be that the ports on your device are not properly functioning. 

This is especially a common problem with old devices. 

Ports on laptops tend to gradually degrade over time. 

To know if your ports are faulty, connect the adapter to a USB power source on a different device. 

You might find that the adapter functions properly when you connect it to another device.

Laptop USB ports

Caption: Laptop USB ports

If you use a monitor, connect it to a different device using an HDMI cable

Remember to do the same with your VGA device. If it works, nothing is wrong with your cable, but the problem could be the ports on either of the two connected devices.

Have you used HDMI to VGA as VGA to HDMI?

It’s possible to use the VGA to HDMI cable adapter to convert the VGA signal to HDMI output. 

However, you can’t reverse the process using the same adapter as it was designed for one-way use. 

An HDMI-to-VGA adapter and a VGA-to-HDMI adapter have different signal conversion abilities. 

The VGA to HDMI adapter is an analog to digital signal conversion adapter, and the other vice versa. 

Therefore, they have different processing chips for converting the input and output signal. 

You aren’t able to use the adapter for dual-direction signal transmission. Instead, it would be best to have a different converter for each to facilitate the conversion process of the transmitted signal.


It’s possible to enjoy watching movies on your old VGA-compatible devices. You only need a VGA to HDMI adapter cable. 

While you may encounter a few issues, the above guide will help you resolve the problems. 

For all your needs for HDMI to VGA adapters and VGA to HDMI adapters, feel free to contact Cloom Tech.