Ethernet cable adapter for laptop: helps connect laptops to the internet


About Ethernet cable adapter for laptop, Most laptops and tablet manufacturers assume that you will connect these devices to the internet via Wi-Fi; thus, they do not provide a built-in ethernet port in their devices. 

However, at times, there are cases when you need to connect to the internet through an ethernet cable. Further, you may also use ethernet for streaming movies. 

So, you must know how to connect your laptop or tablet via ethernet even without a built-in ethernet port, and the solution is to buy a USB-Ethernet cable adapter for the laptop.

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Four reasons you should have ethernet:

  1. Sometimes, your Wi-Fi router signal becomes unusable, and you get a good internet connection only when you directly plug your device into the router through an ethernet cable. So, one advantage of having ethernet is to check whether your internet works without spending money on a technician’s visit.
  1. Another reason for having an ethernet connection is to get more accurate internet speed. You must have experienced a slow internet connection via Wi-Fi, but if you connect your computer or laptop to the network through ethernet, you will realize that the speed is good enough. So, by connecting to the ethernet, you can know that rather than the internet, your Wi-fi is working slowly.
  1. Sometimes Wi-Fi performance gets affected due to distance from the router, overloading by different devices and interference. If you use an ethernet, you can enjoy good and uninterrupted internet speed.
  1. Watching movies on Prime, Netflix, and other channels has become common. If you watch all such content on a laptop via Wi-Fi, you may face some connectivity issues. On the contrary, connecting your device directly through an ethernet helps ease buffering and avoids other video problems arising from slow, congested, or weak Wi-Fi signals.
Ethernet cable adapters 

Ethernet cable adapters 

Which ethernet cable adapter should you buy?

Which ethernet cable adapter for a laptop or computer you should buy depends on the different features of your device such as its model, age and the type of connectors. 

Most older laptops have USB Type-A connectors that appear like wide and fat ports. You will need an adapter with the same type of connector at its cable end for such devices.



On the other hand, the latest computers, Mac, iOS, and Android devices come with USB-C type connectors. 

Unlike Type-A connectors, these fast and skinny connectors are reversible, which means you can connect the cable from both up and down.

 You need a Type-C USB plug adapter for these modern devices.



Some iPads and iPhones have a lightning jack at one end. For such devices, you will need an ethernet adapter compatible with them.



When do you need a usb hub for the ethernet cable adapter?

Suppose you have brought a new ethernet cable adapter for your laptop, but all the USB ports of your laptop are already in use.

 Also, sometimes, some laptops like Macs come with very few USB ports. So, where will you connect the adapter?

The solution is to buy a USB hub to plug the ethernet adapter into it. When you buy a hub, ensure that it has the same USB port as the type in your device. 

It is essential because most hub manufacturers assume that you have a USB type A connector by default. 

The main reason behind this is that  USB Type-A connectors are less expensive while Type C connectors come with a hefty price tag. 

But you will mostly get a hub that supports USB type C and A and may be more connectors.

However, USB hubs with different connectors are helpful for various purposes, such as ethernet ports, USB ports, memory card slots and monitor ports. 

If you are buying a hub for an ethernet connection, it must definitely have an ethernet port.

A USB hub

A USB hub


And yes, you will need an ethernet patch cable to connect the router and the adapter. 

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