How Can I Watch Live Tv Without Cable?


The costs of satellite and cable TV have sharply risen in recent years. Companies will often entice you with an attractive offer, but your monthly costs will surprise you once your term ends. Hence, it’s time to break loose. With the emergence of streaming services like Hulu, HBO, and Netflix, many people have done away with cable TV. You can watch your popular channels, favorite movies, and shows online. This option is more like cable subscriptions but way cheaper. If so, you have one question: How can I watch live TV without cable? 

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What is Live TV?

A television program broadcast to the public while being filmed in a studio or other location. However, there is usually a few seconds delay due to delays in the transmission chain and to allow the removal of chromatic aberration comments. News and weather channels, sporting events, concerts, and talk shows are often broadcast live. You can watch content in two ways:


You might have seen this phenomenon on television. It happens when watching a live show or live match on TV. In other words, a live broadcast is when you consume real-time visual content. However, this doesn’t mean you’re live-streaming.

Live broadcasting has various benefits. For instance, it reaches a wider audience and is cheap. More significantly, it doesn’t have time restrictions.

Live Broadcasting Takes Different Forms, Including Live Television or Live Radio.

Live Broadcasting Takes Different Forms, Including Live Television or Live Radio.

Live Streaming

In live streaming, the one hosting the stream sends different signals to different users simultaneously. Transmission occurs via the internet in real-time without recording or storing it.

Several live-streaming platforms exist, including private websites and social media sites. Take an example of different people watching the same live YouTube video. The content is the same, but the pathways they watch may differ.

An Outdoor Antenna Has a Better Line of Sight to the Transmitter.

In Live-Streaming, You Record and Broadcast Media in Real-Time.

Watch Live TV With an Indoor Antenna

People mainly use antennas for live sporting events, like watching NFL games on CBS and FOX or the Olympics. Usually, you can get ABC, PBS, NBC, FOX, CBS, and various religious and re-run channels. 

If you live in a neighborhood with good TV signals, you can watch live network TV with an indoor antenna. Are you aware of other uses of the coax port at the back of your TV? It isn’t for a cable box only. It can serve as the port for a Television antenna. 

How to Set Up

You need to check if you’re close to broadcast towers. It is easy to check using the Antennas Direct Transmitter Locator Tool. Put your address or zip code and press the “View Channel” icon. The tool will give you a channel listing. Also, you’ll get suggestions for TV antennas based on your address or zip code.

Once you see the coverage distance between the nearest broadcast towers and your location, use the TV antenna to view free local channels without a cable.

Connecting your television to a TV antenna shouldn’t be hard. The process is even simpler if you’re using an indoor TV antenna. Just locate the coax port at the back of your TV and plug the antenna into it.

Then, locate the “Settings” icon on your TV. Look for the “Over-the-Air” or “Air TV” option and scan for channels. You’ll see all the local channels available for free viewing. However, ensure you have a quality antenna to maximize your channel lineup. Avoid cheaply made antennas or those that claim outlandish ranges.

Choose an outdoor antenna if you want better reception or live further away from a broadcasting tower. However, check if there are restrictions on the type of antenna you can install, especially if you live in a townhouse, apartment, or condominium.

When installing an outdoor TV antenna, please take note of its positioning. Ensure it faces the broadcasting tower or station. Also, install it several feet above your house to ensure it can reach all the channels you want.

An Outdoor Antenna Has a Better Line of Sight to the Transmitter.

An Outdoor Antenna Has a Better Line of Sight to the Transmitter.

Watch Live TV With A Live Streaming Service

Some local CBS, ABC, CW, NBC, and FOX stations have their apps. These apps have local sports coverage, weather, movie channels, and newscast. Conduct a broad search for a station on your TV, and you’ll see the apps.

You can ditch your cable and still watch your favorite live sporting events and television shows by following these three STEPS:

Get Internet

Having a data plan through your internet service or cell company in your home is the first step toward ditching your cable. While either can work, having internet at home is the most convenient. You are assured of a stable connection that allows you to stream your favorite shows on your TV.

Prepare Streaming Devices

A streaming device will give you a more amazing experience. You connect the device to your TV, and your shows will play. However, most streaming devices work with smart TVs. So, check if your television has streaming service apps already loaded.

Here are some of the streaming devices you can try:

Apple TV

You need personal internet, a TV with an HDMI port, and an HDMI cable to use Apple TV. The setup is simple. Connect the Apple TV to your TV using the HDMI cable and plug it into a power source.

Ensure your television supports HDR, 4K, or both. Moreover, confirm that you have HDMI 2.0 or a later version.

When the setup is complete, turn on your television. Click the “Input” icon and select the HDMI option.


It is also possible to cast from your iPad, iPhone, laptop, or any other android device to your television using Chromecast. Follow these three steps to set up Chromecast:

  • Connect your tablet or phone to the same WiFi network as your television
  • Open any Chromecast-enabled app, such as YouTube
  • Tap the cast button, and the app sends content from your mobile device to your TV.

However, ensure your TV is chrome-cast built in.

Roku Box or Stick

You can use the Roku streaming device if your TV has an HDMI port. While a Roku stick connects directly, you need an HDMI cable for a Roku player. Ensure you’ve connected the player to WiFi or a wired network.

The subsequent setup steps are simple. Connect your Roku player to power and power on your TV. Select the correct input, and you’re good to go. Remember to set up your Roku remote.

Subscribe to a live Streaming TV Service

 A live Streaming TV Service is different from video streaming services. You’re not watching “recorded” shows; you’re watching the shows live. 

Here are the five most popular streaming options:

Hulu Plus Live TV

Hulu + Live TV offers exclusive local channel lineups, including sports and entertainment channels. You can access 10,000+ movies, shows, and original content. Also, you get ESPN+ and Disney+ when you subscribe to one of its primary base plans.

Some local TV channels you can watch on Hulu Live TV include FOX, ABC, The CW, NBC, Discovery Channel, and CBS. However, The CW is on-demand only.


You can enjoy super-sized channel lineups if you subscribe to Fubo TV. For instance, the basic plan has over 120 broadcast channels. Also, you get unlimited international soccer coverage. Some local channels you can watch on Fubo TV include NBC, The CW, FOX, ABC, CBS, Univision, and Telemundo.


With only a $64.99 monthly price, you can watch local channels on YouTube TV. You can even watch some channels that are rare to get, such as PBS. The local channels you can watch on YouTube TV include FOX, MyTV, ABC, PBS Kids, Telemundo, The CW, PBS, CBS Sports HQ, Univision, NBC, and other regional sports networks.

How Can I Watch Live Tv Without Cable: Sling TV

Sling TV isn’t a good choice for local channels since it lacks variety. This streaming service only carries FOX Sports and NBC local channels. You must subscribe to their Sling Blue plan for $40 per month to watch the two.

How Can I Watch Live Tv Without Cable: DIRECTV STREAM

This streaming service is more expensive than other options. You’ll pay $69.99 per month to watch an array of channels. The local channels you can watch on DIRECTV STREAM include The CW, PBS Kids, FOX, ABC, CBS Sports, Telemundo, MyTV, NBC Sports, and PBS.

In Live Streaming, You Can Create and Share Videos in Real-Time.

In Live Streaming, You Can Create and Share Videos in Real-Time.


As evident in this article, there are numerous ways you can watch live TV without satellite TV service or cable service. Whether you’re interested in current TV shows, sports, content for your kids, or movies, there is an option to stream it. You should first identify the streaming service that works best for you.